Rachel McQueen

Associate Professor

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Human Ecology

About Me

Job/Research Area

 Textile Science

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Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Rachel McQueen’s primary research focus relates to the development and retention of odour in textiles. This involves the development of methods to examine the growth of skin microflora within textiles, interaction of odorous molecules with textile fibres and sensory detection of body odour emanating from fabrics. Her research takes a holistic approach involving human wear trials to collect body odour on fabrics, in addition to investigating the development of laboratory-based test methods in order to reliably assess proposed odour-control technologies in the textile industry. Other research interests include moisture transport through textiles and assessment of user needs toward improving clothing comfort and protection in the workplace. Previously, her research included the investigation of decontamination of pesticides from clothing and the degradation of chemical protective clothing due to decontamination practices.


Graduate Students

  • Sara Vaezafshar (MSc)
  • Lauren Degenstein (MSc)