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Sandeep Mohapatra, PhD

Associate Professor

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

About Me

PhD, University of California, Davis

Dissertation Title: Complementarities, Constraints and Contracts: Incentive Design and Occupational Choice in China


Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Agricultural economics

My research interests cross boundaries of developed and developing economies. I am currently working on microeconomic issues concerning intra-household resource allocation, human capital formation and gender inequality in developing countries.  In developed countries my interests include examining trade-offs in environmental and economic performance; impacts of private transactions and production contracts on North American agricultural spot markets; evaluating the efficiency of agricultural commodity price discovery processes; and investigating the impact of education programs on pesticide adoption of agricultural producers. 


  • Primary Supervisor (Student M. Montenegro): 
  • CAES Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2017 & AAEA Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2017
  • Primary Supervisor: (Student Monica Shandal): 
  •     Departmental Nominee for CAES Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2020 & AAEA Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2020 
  • Faculty Teaching Award 2019
  • NACTA teaching award 2010.
  • Teacher of the year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017

Student Advisees (sole and joint)

Wijaya Dassanayake (Ph. D. South Africa)*, Wes Lu (MSc. Canada)*, Ashley Sarauer (MSc. Canada)*; Maria Montenegro (MSc. Peru)*, Monica Shandal (MSc. India)*, Lukas Matejovsky* (MSc. Canada); Joseph Florent Feulefac (MSc. Uganda)*; Evan Miller-Tate (MSc. India)*; Patrick Ndlovu* (M. Sc. South Africa); Godwin Zigwah (MSc. Tanzania)*; Victoria Zeppa (MSc. Indonesia)*; Huiting H (MSc. Canada), Kwanele Ngwenya (MSc. Africa)*; Albert Boitey (Ph.D. Canada); John Pattison (Ph D. India)*, Admasu Maruta (MSc. Canada)*.



Econometrics (Undergraduate).

Applied Econometrics (Graduate). 

Economic Development (Graduate).

Selected Working Papers/In Progress

The Devil’s in the Tails: A New Approach for Identifying Micro-level Poverty Traps

Rural Roads and Women’s Power: A First Look and Search for a Causal Linkage (with Monica Shandal)

Spatial-Spillovers in Environmental and Economic Performance: Evidence from Manufacturing Plants in Canada (with Ashley Sarauer)

Blood is Thicker than Water: Economic Implications of Food Sharing within Kinship Networks. (with Marcoul, P; Zigwah G and Luckert M) 

Is More Always Better? Non-linear effects of Female Decision-making Power on Welfare Dynamics of Indian Households (with J. Pattison and P. Marcoul))

The Impact of Climatic Shocks on Alberta’s Economy: A Vector Autoregression (VAR-X) Analysis (with Wes Lu and V. Adamowicz)