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Sandeep Mohapatra, PhD

Associate Professor

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

About Me

PhD, University of California, Davis

Dissertation Title: Complementarities, Constraints and Contracts: Incentive Design and Occupational Choice in China


Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Agricultural economics

My research interests cross boundaries of developed and developing economies. I am currently working on microeconomic issues concerning intra-household resource allocation, human capital formation and gender inequality in developing countries.  In developed countries my interests include examining trade-offs in environmental and economic performance; impacts of private transactions and production contracts on North American agricultural spot markets; evaluating the efficiency of agricultural commodity price discovery processes; and investigating the impact of education programs on pesticide adoption of agricultural producers. 

Student Advisees (sole and joint)

Wijaya Dassanayake (Ph. D. South Africa)*, Wes Lu (MSc. Canada)*, Ashley Sarauer (MSc. Canada)*; Maria Montenegro (MSc. Peru)*, Monica Shandal (MSc. India)*, Lukas Matejovsky* (MSc. Canada); Joseph Florent Feulefac (MSc. Uganda)*; Evan Miller-Tate (MSc. India)*; Patrick Ndlovu* (M. Sc. South Africa); Godwin Zigwah (MSc. Tanzania)*; Victoria Zeppa (MSc. Indonesia)*; Huiting H (MSc. Canada), Kwanele Ngwenya (MSc. Africa)*; Albert Boitey (Ph.D. Canada); John Pattison (Ph D. India)*, Admasu Maruta (MSc. Canada)*.



Primary supervisor for MSc thesis: CAES Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2017, AAEA Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 2017 (Student M. Montenegro)

NACTA teaching award 2010.

Teacher of the year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017


Econometrics (Undergraduate).

Applied Econometrics (Graduate). 

Economic Development (Graduate).

Selected Working Papers/In Progress

The Devil’s in the Tails: A New Approach for Identifying Micro-level Poverty Traps

Rural Roads and Women’s Power: A First Look and Search for a Causal Linkage (with Monica Shandal)

Spatial-Spillovers in Environmental and Economic Performance: Evidence from Manufacturing Plants in Canada (with Ashley Sarauer)

Blood is Thicker than Water: Economic Implications of Food Sharing within Kinship Networks. (with Marcoul, P; Zigwah G and Luckert M) 

Is More Always Better? Non-linear effects of Female Decision-making Power on Welfare Dynamics of Indian Households (with J. Pattison and P. Marcoul))

The Impact of Climatic Shocks on Alberta’s Economy: A Vector Autoregression (VAR-X) Analysis (with Wes Lu and V. Adamowicz)