Uldis Silins


Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Renewable Resources

About Me

Job/Research Area: Forest Hydrology


  • Alberta Emerald Award: Challenge Award in Water (2014) - Southern Rockies Watershed Project
  • Canada Council of the Federation Excellence in Water Stewardship Award (2014) - Southern Rockies Watershed Project 
  • Canadian Institute of Forestry Tree of Life Award (2011)
  • Teacher of the Year Award, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (2018, 2015, 2014, 2011, 2010, 2004)
  • Faculty Teaching Award, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (2009)
  • ECSA Teacher of the Year Award (2018)


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests: Forest hydrology and Eco-hydrology focusing on impacts of climate associated forest disturbance (wildfire, Mountain Pine Beetle) and forest management including forestry operations on hydrology, water quality, and aquatic ecology of riverine environments. Research focuses on snowpacks, evaporative processes, surface- and sub-surface hillslope processes, erosion,  biogeochemistry, streamflow dynamics, and aquatic ecology.