Reunion Classes

Reconnect with classmates at Alumni Weekend!

The following classes are making plans for Alumni Weekend. If you don't see your class listed, are interested in becoming an organizer, or would like to be put in contact with someone from this list, please e-mail

1954 Nursing (DipNu), Lois Field and Dorothy Bernard

1956 Electrical Engineering, Mathew Romanov

1959 Agriculture, Wilbur Collin

1961 Agriculture, Murray Turnbull

1961 Civil Engineering, Leon Root

1961 Commerce, Joan Cowling

1961 Electrical Engineering, Glenson Jones

1961 Nursing (DipNu), Barb Rocchio

1961 Pharmacy, Donald Carley

1961 Physiotherapy, Janet Heaps

1961 Medicine, Dr. Fred MacDonald and Dr. Rex Boake

1964 Agriculture, Dave Schroder

1966 Home Economics, Dr. Elizabeth A. Richards

1966 Mechanical Engineering, Dale Bossert

1967 Mechanical Engineering, Rob Freeborn

1971 Agriculture, Doug Wray, John Reid, and Dave Banks

1971 Civil Engineering, Michael Yakemchuk

1971 Honours Chemistry, Dr. Frederick Baudais

1971 Medicine, Dr. Brian Spence

1972 Home Economics, Janice McGregor and Anne Tomcala

1976 Nursing (BSc), Bernadette Schrage

1980 Forestry, Tom Rankin and Wade Zammit

1981 Agriculture (Forestry), Patrick Hawkings

1981 Mechanical Engineering, Paul Dusseault

1996 Law, Sue Remmer

1996 MBA, Mark Kluchky

2001 Occupational Therapy, Cynthia Bojkovsky