Reunion Classes

Reconnect with classmates during U of A Days!

The following classes are making plans for U of A Days this fall. If you don't see your class listed, are interested in becoming an organizer, or would like to get involved in your reunion, please e-mail

Name Year Program
Janice Hodge 1971 PD/AD 1972 Phys ED
Megan McDougald 1997 / 2011 MBA/Ph.D. (Business)
Nancy Rae 1969 / 1968 Pharmacy
Xiong (Lucas) Sheng Tan 2018 Nutrition and Food Science
Katherine Clackson 2012 Law
Ken Proudman 2012 Law
Susan Nahirniak 1997 Medicine
Sue Remmer 1996 Law
Janet Evans 1995 Medicine
Wendy Jackson 1992 Dentistry
Judy Clarke 1987 Dental Hygiene
Anne Chapman Heinemeyer 1986 Occupational therapy
Lise Ann Hughes 1982 Nursing
Rita Lyster 1980 Pharmacy
Paul Humphreys 1977 Mechanical Engineering
Rae Tayler 1976 Dental Hygiene
Judy-Diane Cooney 1975 Medicine
Jocelyn Churchil 1973 Nursing
Roger Scott 1973 Kinesiology, Sport, & Rec
Grace MacGregor-Kennedy 1973 Agriculture
Deb Holmes 1972 Pharmacy
Gary Golby 1972 Agriculture
Jim Pyesmany 1972 Civil Engineering
Dale Engstrom 1972 Agriculture
Maureen Gustafson 1972 Nursing
Sherr Wadson 1972 Recreation Admin
Annie Tomcala 1972 Home Economics BSc(HEc)
James Smith 1972 Chem Eng
William (Bill) Peel 1972 Chemical Engineering
Janice Ritchie 1972 Dental Hygiene
Terry Legaarden 1972 Pharmacy
Ken Eshpeter 1971 Agriculture
Elizabeth Jane Holland 1971 BSc Nursing
Brenda Walker 1971 Dental Hygiene
Sheila Kelcher 1970 Pharmacy
Ron Woznow 1969 Honors Chemistry
Rob Armstrong 1967 Mechanical Engineering
David McNeil 1967 Chemical Engineering
Derald James Oldring 1967 Medicine
Hugh Hoyles 1966 Bachelor of Physical Education
Murray West 1965 Chemical Engineering
Roger Cumming 1963 Medicine
Loretta Patterson 1962 Kinesiology
Marlene Sorensen 1962 Education
Jim Spalding 1962 Engineering
Alexander Weston Keith Anderson 1962 Bachelor of Commerce
Ella Margaret Palamarek(Stewart) 1961 Education
Dianne Scott 1961 Nursing
Fred MacDonald 1961 Faculty of Medicine
Murray Turnbull 1961 Agriculture
Ernest Portfors 1961 Civil Engineering
Sebastian John Tkachyk 1960 Medicine