How to Nominate

Do Great Things is both the promise and the challenge of our Alumni Association. Help us recognize the significant contributions of our alumni and continue the tradition of celebrating the amazing contributions U of A alumni make to the world.

A nomination consists of three parts:

  1. Nomination form
  2. Biographical summary (1000 word maximum)
  3. Letters of support (5 letters maximum)

Note: Additional materials (news articles, CVs, lists of publications) are not accepted as part of an Alumni Award nomination.

You do not have to be a University of Alberta alumnus to submit a nomination.

Nomination deadline: 2021 nominations are now closed

Steps to Nominate

1) Confirm eligibility

  • Nominees must have graduated from the University of Alberta, this includes graduates of Faculty of Extension certificate programs and Office of Postgraduate Medical Education programs that graduated after 2013.
  • Current University of Alberta faculty and staff that are also alumni are eligible to receive an Alumni Award.
  • Current members of Alumni Council and members of their family are not eligible to receive an Alumni Award. However, exceptions may be made where an award is time-sensitive.
  • Members of public office are not eligible to receive an Alumni Award during their term. Once the individual no longer holds an elected or appointed position in political office they are eligible to receive an Alumni Award.
  • Alumni Awards are not awarded posthumously.
  • Individuals that have received an Alumni Award are only eligible in categories other than the category they have already received an Alumni Award in.
  • Nominations for projects or programs for which an Alumni Award has already been given to another person(s) will not be considered.
  • Alumni that have received an Honorary Degree from the University of Alberta are not eligible to receive an Alumni Award.

2) Select a category

  • Distinguished Alumni Award
    The Distinguished Alumni Award is the Alumni Association's highest honour. The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes the outstanding lifetime accomplishments of alumni who have earned national or international regard or have had significant local impact as a result of their outstanding professional achievements and/or service to society.
  • Honour Award
    Recognizes the significant achievements and contributions over a number of years by University of Alberta alumni to their profession and/or their community.
  • Horizon Award
    Recognizes the outstanding professional achievements and/or contributions to community of recent graduates. Nominees must be 40 years of age or younger at nomination deadline.
  • Service Award
    Recognizes alumni who have demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment, dedication and volunteer service to the University of Alberta.
  • Alumni Award of Excellence
    Recognizes specific, recent accomplishments of University of Alberta graduates 12 months prior to the nomination deadline. Accomplishments may include major awards, national or international honours, major championships, appointment to high office, etc.
  • Innovation Award
    Recognizes an innovative program, process or product created, implemented or discovered by a University of Alberta alumnus or group of alumni. The program, process or product has significantly impacted their profession, community, society at large or the U of A. Note: A group or team must have a membership with a majority (>50%) U of A alumni to be considered for this award.

Past Recipient List

3) Write a biographical summary

  • In what area has this person excelled - what demonstrates how this nominee is exceptional? How does s/he stand out from their peers?
  • What has the nominee achieved outside of their profession - personal interests, charity work, involvement in the university community or their community at large?
  • Are their contributions and achievements based on individual merit or personal commitment, rather than as a result of their position of employment?
  • How does the person nominated make you proud to be a graduate of the University of Alberta? What personal qualities does the nominee exhibit that makes them an inspiration for students and other alumni?
  • Tips for writing a biographical summary

4) Collect letters of support

  • Ideal referees are people who can personally comment on the specific achievements, contributions and the impact of these actions of the person nominated.
  • A minimum of three letters are required for Distinguished Alumni Award nominations and the nominator may also serve as a supporter for Distinguished Alumni Award nominations. A minimum of two letters of support are required for all other categories and must be from supporters other than the nominator. A maximum of five letters of support may be submitted in all categories. If the nominator writes a letter of support in addition to the biographical summary, it is included in this maximum.
  • Tips for writers of letters of support
  • Template to request a letter of support
  • Note: Letters of support must be written specifically for the Alumni Awards program. Letters of support written for other awards, honours or scholarships are not accepted.

5) Complete the nomination form

Download Nomination Form

6) Submit the nomination

Nominations can be submitted by email, fax, mail or in person to:

Fax: 780-492-1568

Office of Alumni Relations
Main Floor, Enterprise Square
10230 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5J 4P6

Nomination deadline: 2021 nominations are now closed