How to Nominate

University of Alberta graduates lead with purpose. Help us recognize their significant contributions and continue the tradition of celebrating the amazing difference U of A grads make to the world. 

Nominate a friend, family member, colleague or former classmate for an Alumni Award in one of six categories. (You do not have to be a U of A graduate to submit a nomination.)

Nomination Deadline: December 15, 2022

Award Categories

Distinguished Alumni Award
This is the Alumni Association's highest honour which recognizes the outstanding lifetime accomplishments of alumni who have earned national or international regard or have had significant local impact as a result of their outstanding professional achievements and/or service to society.

Honour Award
Recognizes the significant achievements and contributions over a number of years by University of Alberta alumni to their profession and/or their community.

Horizon Award
Recognizes the outstanding professional achievements and/or contributions to the community of recent graduates. Nominees must be 40 years of age or younger at the nomination deadline.

Service Award
Recognizes alumni who have demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment, dedication and volunteer service to the University of Alberta.

Innovation Award
Recognizes an innovative program, process or product created, implemented or discovered by a University of Alberta alumnus or group of alumni. The program, process or product has significantly impacted their profession, community, and/or society at large. Note: A group or team must have a membership of at least 50% U of A alumni to be considered for this award.

Sports Wall of Fame

  • Nominees must have earned a degree at the University of Alberta. This includes graduates of Faculty of Extension certificate programs and Office of Postgraduate Medical Education programs who graduated after 2013. 
  • Current University of Alberta faculty and staff who are also alumni are eligible.
  • Current or recent (i.e. past two years) members of Alumni Council and members of their families are not eligible to be nominated. Exceptions may be made where an award is time-sensitive.
  • Members of public office are not eligible to receive an Alumni Award during their term. Once the individual no longer holds an elected or appointed position in political office they are eligible.
  • Past Alumni Award recipients are only eligible in categories other than the category in which they have already been given an award. In addition, their subsequent achievements must be substantially different from those for which their first award was given. 
  • Alumni who have received an Honorary Degree from the University of Alberta are not eligible. 
  • Alumni Awards are not awarded posthumously.

Contact with any questions regarding eligibility.

Nomination Guidelines

Once you have confirmed the eligibility of the U of A graduate you wish to nominate for an Alumni Award, complete your nomination package. Nomination Deadline: December 15, 2022.

A nomination consists of two parts:

  1. Nomination form, including biographical summary.
  2. Three (3) letters of support.

Please read the instructions in the sections below carefully before you begin your nomination.

Note: Additional materials (news articles, CVs, additional letters of support, lists of publications, photographs) are not accepted as part of an Alumni Award nomination and will be removed if submitted.

Nomination Form

Complete your nomination:

1. Download the PDF form

Completed PDF nomination forms and letters of support can be emailed to

Printed nomination packages may be submitted via the following methods: 

  • Fax: 780-492-9547
  • Mail: Office of Alumni Relations, 3-501 ESQ, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, AB, T5J 4P6

Biographical Summary

  • Describe your relationship to the nominee. (100 words maximum.)
  • Clearly explain the impact the nominee’s accomplishments have had on their profession, community and/or society. (200 words maximum.)
  • How are the nominee’s achievements exceptional? What differentiates them from others? Why do these achievements go above and beyond what is normally expected of someone in a similar role? (200 words maximum.)
  • In what ways does the nominee demonstrate how a U of A education can be used “For the Public Good”? Why do they make you proud to be a U of A graduate? (200 words maximum.)
  • Please address the specific criteria for the award category/ies to which you are submitting this nomination. (300 words maximum.)
    • Distinguished Alumni Award: Why does the nominee merit the Alumni Association’s highest honour?
    • Honour Award: Summarize the significance of the long-standing contributions the nominee has made to their profession and/or community.
    • Horizon Award: Why is this nominee considered “one to watch” in their profession or community? 
    • Service Award: Describe the extraordinary time and talents the nominee has dedicated to the University of Alberta as a volunteer. 
    • Innovation Award: What is the unique value of the program, process, or product for which you are nominating the individual?

Letters of Support

  • Ideal supporters are people who can personally comment on the specific achievements, contributions and the impact of the actions of the person nominated.
  • Reference letters are intended to support and add broader detail to the information provided in the answers to the biographical summary questions.
  • Three letters of support are required for each category. If you collect more than three letters, please choose only the best three to include in your nomination package as only three letters will be reviewed.
  • Note: Letters of support must be written specifically for the Alumni Awards program. Letters of support written for other awards, honours or scholarships are not accepted.
  • Letter of Support Instructions 
  • Template to request a letter of support

Tips for Nominators

Diversity is Welcome
The U of A strives to create an equitable and inclusive environment and culture for all members of its community. Nominations that reflect the diversity of our graduates are welcome and encouraged.
Avoid Jargon

Please avoid using profession-specific jargon in your nomination. Target your writing toward a general audience to ensure it is understood by nomination reviewers from a variety of backgrounds.

Tell Us Who They Are
Include information about the nominee’s personal interests, other awards received, charity work, community involvement or qualities that make them inspirational if it helps illustrate how the nominee stands out from their peers.
Leave it Out
- Achievements that occurred before the nominee graduated.
- Lists of academic publications or conference presentations.
- News articles, links to websites, photographs, resumes or curriculum vitaes.
- Additional support letters beyond the three required.
Download the PDF Nomination Form

Questions? Contact Us

For more information on the Alumni Awards program or how to complete a nomination package, please get in touch.