Jessica Vandenberghe


Jessica Vandenberghe, '00 BSc(ChemEng), '03 MSc (Chem&MiningEng)


Jessica Vandenberghe, P.Eng., M.Sc. is born of the Dene Thá First Nation, is a sixties scoop survivor and raised in an inclusive German farming family in northern Alberta. Her exceptional career is based on two engineering degrees from the University of Alberta. She has worked in the oil sands, mining, regulatory, infrastructure, consulting industries and academia. She is the Assistant Dean, Engineering Community and Culture at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. Her consulting firm, Guiding Star Consulting walks in a good way with Indigenous Peoples and Communities and those who want to build meaningful relationships to build strong vibrant communities. She is a mother of two and is passionate about ensuring inclusive organizations and equitable frameworks. She sits on many boards and Councils that contribute to STEM outreach, support underrepresented demographics, build capacity and lead to healing, ethical behaviour and trusted relationships.