Council Membership

Members of the Alumni Council can be reached care of the Office of Alumni Relations: (780) 492-3224 (toll-free in Canada and the US at 1-800-661-2593), or

Alumni Council 2023-24

Executive Committee

Alumni Association President: Ashton Rudanec, ’12 BCom, ’16 MBA

Alumni Association Past President: Tyler Hanson, '00 BSc (MechEng)

Board of Governors Representatives:

Chris Ashdown, ’78 BSc, ’82 MHSA
Kate Young, ’07 BScN, ’15 MBA

Senate Representatives

Ali Damani, '02 BSc(Pharm)
Christine Westerlund, '95 BScN(Hons), '01 MSc

Alumni Awards Committee Chair: Jeff Whissell, ’98 BSc(Pharm)

Alumni Career Services Committee Chair: Pegah Salari, ’08 MBA

Future Strategies Committee Chair: Cathy Allen, ‘76 BSc, ‘77 BEd, ‘99 MEd

Priority Programs Committee Co-Chairs:

Amy MacKinnon, ’03 BPE
Christiana Dizon, ‘06 BSc (Nutrition and Food Science)


Faculty Representatives

ALES: Janice McGregor, ’72 BSc(HEc)

Arts: Nakita Valerio, ‘09 BA, ‘17 MA

Augustana: Stephanie Booth, ‘14 BSc, ’17 MPH

Business: Jason Wong, ‘02 BCom

Campus Saint-Jean: Stefane Kreiner, ’15 BEd

Dentistry: Brian McPherson, ’78 BSc, ’83 DDS

Education: Robert Gardner ’86 BEd, ’00 MEd

Engineering: Navin Sidhu, ‘09 BSc (CivE)

Graduate Studies: Dinu Philip Alex, ’06 MSc

Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation: Amy MacKinnon, ’03 BPE

Law: Tricia Waddell, ’96 BA, ’00 JD, ’14 MBA 

Medicine: Peter Douglas Davey, ’72 BSc(Med), ’74 MD

Native Studies: Judy Half, ’94 BA NS

Nursing: Lan He, ‘21 BScN, ‘19 BSc

Pharmacy: Jeff Whissell, ’98 BSc(Pharm)

Rehabilitation Medicine: Joanne Richer-Fodchuk, ’01 BEd, ’04 MSLP

School of Public HealthStaci Silverman, ’14 BA, ‘19 MPH

Science: Charles Wong, ‘10 BSc


Members at Large: 

Cathy Allen, ‘76 BSc, ‘77 BEd, ‘99 MEd

Aziz Bootwala, ‘12 MBA

Helen Cheung, ‘13 MA

Susan Craig Bieganek, ’89 BA (Specialzn)

Christiana Dizon, ‘06 BSc (Nutrition and Food Science)

Alex Kwan, ‘20 PharmD

Reginald (Reggie) Nicolas, ’01 BSc (MechEng)

Pegah Salari, ’08 MBA

Neil Salsbury, ‘02 BEd

Nathan Sunday, ’20 BA NS, ’20 Cert(IndgGov/Ptnshp)

Sheetal Mehta Walsh, ’94 BA


Ex Officio

Honorary President: Bill Flanagan

Vice-President (External Relations): Elan MacDonald

Interim Executive Director, Alumni Relations and Associate Vice-President (Development)Kelly Spencer, '97 BA, '19 MA

Dean of Students: Dr. Ravina Sanghera, '07 BSc Pharm

Dean of Students Designate: Mandy Quon, '06 BA

Graduate Students' Association: Hamid Hassani

Students' Union: Chris Beasley