Alumni Student Support and Engagement Team (ASSET)

We're here to help

The Alumni Student Support & Engagement Team (ASSET) is a group of alumni that are here to support students. With a diverse offering of skills, talents and experiences, ASSET volunteers also know the challenges and stresses of being a student.

ASSET volunteers offer support for students at events and various activities on North Campus, Augustana Campus and online.


For current students

If you're a student looking for someone who knows the stresses and challenges of being a student, our ASSET volunteers are here to help. Maybe you'd like to talk to someone who gets your program's crazy courseload or has experienced the pile-up of student expenses. Or maybe you'd like to meet someone who can relate to asking themselves, What's next? There's someone here to listen. Check out our upcoming events, or scroll down to see our list of volunteers.

ASSET aims to support transitions and critical points in the life of students. A major source of anxiety for students is the fear of what happens after university. Alumni are in the best position to speak to this by sharing their experiences. The U of A is committed to developing strong institution-wide health and wellness strategies and increasing access to supports. Having a positive impact on student well-being is ASSET’s ultimate goal.

For alumni

The Alumni Student Support Engagement Team (ASSET) provides a rewarding and meaningful volunteer experience for Alumni. As an ASSET member, you will volunteer directly with students and other services on campus to positively impact the mental health and well-being of UAlberta students.

Learn more about volunteering with ASSET

Student recovery committee

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Alumni volunteers make ASSET great

The Alumni Student Support Engagement Team (ASSET) provides a rewarding and meaningful volunteer experience for Alumni. As an ASSET member, you will volunteer directly with students and other services on campus to positively impact the mental health and well-being of UAlberta students.

  • Have supportive and caring conversations with students, in person or virtually
  • Provide information/referrals to mental health support services available on campus
  • Engage with students at various events throughout the year both in person and online
  • Work with our campus partners, such as the ACCESS network, Career Centre and Dean of Students Office, to deliver mental health programming and check-ins
  • Reduce the stigma around accessing mental health supports Contribute to a caring campus community inclusive of students, staff, faculty and alumni

How ASSET volunteers benefit

  • Receive training in Mental Health First Aid, helping skills, grief and loss, suicide prevention and self-care that will both prepare you for this role and be useful in your everyday life.
  • Get to know fellow alumni and and be able to support each other, create new friendships and expand your network.
  • Access meaningful and rewarding volunteer experiences with students.
  • Contribute to the growth and direction of the ASSET program.
  • Receive a certificate of completion following each training session. Letters of reference can be provided after the completion of one year with the ASSET program.

“A participant shared her fears about failing a class and the other [students] were so supportive and non-judgmental. I felt it was great that she felt comfortable sharing and that we were collectively able to make her feel better and also to provide some ideas for next steps."

-ASSET Volunteer, Virtual Check-ins/Check-outs

Program details and volunteer requirements

Requirements for volunteering
  • Volunteers MUST be a University of Alberta graduate.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • The ability to build rapport, engage in non-judgemental active listening and demonstrate empathy
  • The ability to work both independently and cohesively with other members of ASSET
  • Excellent organization, communication (verbal and written) and time-management skills
  • A strong understanding and respect for privacy and confidentiality
  • It is important to be comfortable and have the technology to attend meetings or volunteer in an online environment (i.e. Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)The majority of our student engagement opportunities occur when students are more likely to be on campus (typically during the work day 9 - 5). The ideal applicant would have some flexibility in their schedule and/or could arrange to be available one day per month if required. We have limited spots available for volunteers who can participate exclusively in evening/weekend events.
Volunteer responsibilities
  • Commit to at least one (1) year volunteering with the ASSET program. Year commences after the completion of training.
  • Commit to 4 hours per month of volunteering from September 2023 - 2024.
  • Complete the necessary training requirements
  • Submit a Police Information Check
  • Abide by the ASSET Volunteer Code of Conduct and Alumni Volunteer Handbook policies and procedures at all times
  • Attend monthly meetings with other ASSET members to network, share resources and help plan future events. Meetings will be a mix of in person and virtual formats. 
Volunteer recruitment process
  1. Applications open May 1st and close June 30th
  2. Interviews will take place early August
  3. Successful candidates notified end of August
  4. Candidates must complete Mental Health First Aid Training (Sept 9 & 10 in person)

Meet our ASSET volunteers

If you're a student looking for someone who knows the stresses and challenges of being a student, our ASSET volunteers are here to help. Maybe you'd like to talk to someone who gets your program's crazy courseload or has experienced the pile-up of student expenses. Or maybe you'd like to meet someone who can relate to asking themselves, What's next? There's someone here to listen.

Aanchal, ՚18 BScN

Ask Aanchal about:

  • Different types of nursing
  • Fun volunteering opportunities
  • Working in health care
  • Transition from school to work
  • Coping with test anxiety

Aanchal graduated from UAlberta with a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) in December 2017. Since then she has worked in long-term care and internal medicine. She currently works in the adult intensive care unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where her role entails caring for patients who may require ventilatory or cardiac support. Aanchal hopes to start her master's in nursing in the next year or so but is still unsure exactly what she wants in the future (and that is totally fine with her!) Her interests include spending time with her family, friends and dog, travelling and finding good places to eat.

Aggie, ՚91 B Com, ՚14MBa

Ask Aggie about:

  • Work-life balance
  • Building a career and seeing it as a journey
  • Adapting to change and managing stress.
  • Importance of cultivating soft skills and emotional Intelligence.
  • Being active and spending time outdoors.
  • Feeling a sense of purpose.
Her undergrad began in Science. Volunteering with Student Orientation Services sparked the “business school is a better fit” realization. Her career spans private, public and not-for-profit sectors. In the realms of sales, business development, and marketing.

Aggie worked with companies such as AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and World Trade Centre Edmonton. She’s facilitated, planned and led initiatives for BioAlberta, TEC Edmonton, Alberta Agriculture and Calgary Economic Development among others. Aggie has volunteered with numerous organizations including Citie Ballet, Kids Help Phone, and JLE. She currently sits on Alberta Ballet’s board. Focused on continuous development, she has various certifications (e.g. APMR/CCPE, Prosci® MBTI® and
TypeCoach) and continues to seek learning opportunities while running her Consulting practice.

Alina, ՚20 BScN

Ask Alina about:

  • Working in critical care nursing
  • Managing work-life balance and caregiver burnout
  • Different types of nursing careers
  • Joys of volunteering
  • Importance of self-care

Alina graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSCN) in December 2019. Since then she has worked in a surgery unit and then moved to permanently working in the Emergency Department. Her role entails caring for patients of all ages who require life-saving interventions including respiratory and cardiac resuscitation. She is also well-versed in caring for patients with mental health emergencies. Alina hopes to start her master's in nursing in the near future to become a nurse practitioner in adult medicine. She hopes to make changes in our current healthcare system to improve accessibility for the general population to utilize services and improve quality of life. Her interests include spending time with her family, travelling with her husband, cooking and trying out new restaurants in the city. 

Andre, ՚85 BCom, ՚88 BSc(Spec)

Ask Andre about:

  • A career in computing science
  • Lifelong learning
  • Learning Japanese as a second language
  • Working out (bike, swim, weight lifting)
  • Gardening

Andre is born and raised in Edmonton. He graduated with a BCom (accounting and finance) as well as a BSc (computing science). Throughout his career he has worked on a variety of software applications ranging from tax software to process control software (the programs that run the machines in factories), and he has been in every role from developer to manager. A big believer in lifelong learning, Andre is currently trying to learn Japanese (without a doubt the hardest thing he's ever tried to learn). In his spare time, he likes to stay active, travel and learn about different cultures.

Ben, ՚12 BSc(Civ E), ՚19 MEng

Ask Ben about:

  • Being part of high-stress disciplines like engineering
  • Developing new relationships and becoming outgoing
  • Reading endless non-fiction books on topics like psychology
  • 80s & 90s action movies

Ben is an Structural Engineer having completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Engineering. He is passionate about volunteering for different causes. Most recently, he has been a part of the 2022 Worley United Way Volunteer Campaign Team and the 2023 Worley Food Bank Campaign Team.

Caitlin, ՚21 BA(Hons)

Ask Caitlin about:

  • Volunteering locally and internationally
  • Exam stress relief
  • Work/life balance
  • Caring for hedgehogs
  • What to read next

Caitlin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and has since pursued her Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management. She has worked in post-secondary as well as in various non-profits that focused on youth work and child advocacy. Outside of work she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, outdoor activities, and traveling.

Gordon, ՚73 BA, ՚76 MHSA

Ask Gordon about:

  • The value of extracurricular interests
  • Being dissatisfied with a career choice
  • Taking advantage of opportunities
  • Reducing alcohol and mood-altering substances in your personal and career life

Gordon applied to UAlberta as a mature student without a high school diploma, and with a wife and two young children. He graduated with a BA (sociology and economics) and was awarded the John McDonald Gold Medal. He then chose to pursue a career in health administration and graduated with a Master in Health Services Administration. He worked mainly in psychiatric hospitals and mental health administration, supplemented with specialty consulting in administration problems. Gordon has volunteered as a surveyor for the Canadian Council on Hospital Accreditation and was active with the Canadian Council of Health Service Executives. His interests include the ethical role and issues associated with consulting, professionalism in health administration, evidence based decision making, the necessity of work life balance, the dangers of alcohol and drug use in personal and career lives, and helping students maximize their academic performance. Gordon believes that his life and his family's life have benefited immensely from his education and experiences at UAlberta.

Jicelle, ՚18 BA

Ask Jicelle about:

  • How volunteering shaped her interests
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to balance a part-time job, studying and other extracurricular activities
  • Maintaining mental wellness
  • Travelling to Asia-Pacific
Jicelle graduated in June 2018 with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. During her undergraduate degree, she was a research assistant for two years and also worked on campus with the Students' Union. She would love to chat about keeping motivated, anything school related, life after graduation and travel.
Juanita, ՚16 BSc, ՚19 MPH

Ask Juanita about:

  • Founding and running your own not-for-profit organization
  • Turning your passions into employment opportunities
  • Working in public health
  • Career grief and moving on from rejected applications
  • Being an effective storyteller
  • Building succulent terrariums

When Juanita started her undergraduate program at the U of A she was a political science major and economic minor setting her sights on business or journalism. But it turns out she was better suited for sciences and ended up with an undergraduate degree as a biological science major and music minor. From there she went on to pursue a degree in public health and is now finishing a master's in occupational therapy at the U of A. Juanita has worked in various sectors from post-secondary to non-profit and government, and currently co-runs a non-profit organization called Converse and Cook where she is building community through food and storytelling

Kim, '88 BEd - Augustana

Ask Kim about:

  • maintaining balance in education, career and family life
  • being an non-Indigenous ally and other forms of allyship
  • forming new friendships and personally satisfying activities in adulthood
  • volunteer work with animals and shelter organizations
  • caregiving for elderly parents

Kim earned a B.Ed degree in Secondary Education in 1988 and had a varied and fulfilling career as a teacher, department head and mentor, primarily teaching high school English Language Arts and Media Studies along with a range of other classes over the course of 30+ years. After retiring early in 2019, Kim has been pursuing some of her other passions: outdoor pursuits (canoeing, archery, hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing), working with animal welfare organizations, writing/editing, and revitalizing an interest in the arts. She has found great satisfaction in participating in ASSET volunteer opportunities and enjoys spending time and sharing life experiences with students and other younger people in her life.

Lindsay, ՚13 BA - Augustana

Ask Lindsay about:

  • Working in a variety of different sectors/environments
  • Applying for grad school
  • Earning a degree while parenting
  • Balancing extracurricular activities, work, and school
  • Switching jobs to suit your interests and needs
Lindsay graduated with a BA in psychology and worked as a research assistant in the psych department. She went on to try a variety of positions at the university, in public schools, and in the non-profit and private sectors. Currently completing a Master of Counselling, Lindsay loves chatting with students and helping people connect to resources to support mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.
Lisa, ՚13 BEd

Ask Lisa about:

  • Teaching in Asia
  • What it's like to freelance
  • Working in the non-profit sector
  • Changing careers
  • Becoming an entrepreneur

Lisa holds a degree in education from the U of A and a diploma in digital media and IT from NAIT. She works at a non-profit organization supporting immigrants and refugees. She is the Program Coordinator for the Language Vocational and Assessment and Counselling Program, as well an Education Counsellor and Language Assessor. She also has experience in freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Lisa, ՚17 BSc

Ask Lisa about:

  • Working in a career outside your field of study
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Travelling solo
  • The value of volunteering
  • The importance of self-development
  • Maintaining work-life balance
Lisa graduated from UAlberta in 2017 with a major in Science Psychology and a minor in Political Science. Her curiosity to try out new things has led to the involvement of various University Organizations such as the University of Alberta Students' Union (UASU), Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), and Heart and Stroke Foundation Students' Association (HSFSA). She has earned a Bachelor of Welcome from UASU for her four years of volunteering. Her role as the VP External with CSSA has opened the door to her career in the banking industry. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering, horseback riding, golfing, snowboarding, and travelling.
Lorelei, ՚98 BSc, ՚03 MSc

Ask Lorelei about:

  • Quitting your job and travelling around the world
  • Thai fruit carving and other stress relievers
  • Operating a booth at a farmers' market
  • Failure and recovery: job interviews, auditions and more!

Lorelei graduated from the U of A with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Science in Engineering. In between and afterwards, she travelled around the world, backpacking, hiking and snorkeling with iguanas. Pretty much immediately she realized she'd rather be writing, so she returned to MacEwan University to complete a communications diploma. Currently, she works as the communications and research safety coordinator for the U of A, promoting health, safety and environmentally responsible research and learning. After work, you can find her coercing her kids to play something with her or eating chocolate.

Marcello, ՚20 BA

Ask Marcello about:

  • Achieving goals and setting healthy habits
  • Switching Majors/Degrees (Or Career focus)
  • Acclimating and finding your way (In University or Life context)
  • Grief & Loss
  • Living Abroad
Marcello was born and raised here in Edmonton. He graduated in 2019 with a BA. in Political Science and International Studies. Upon graduation, Marcello worked in Investment Banking & Wealth Management until recently making the move to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology to become a Therapist. Marcello is a big believer in growth, reflection and healthy habits, and has now dedicated his life to helping people attain forward positive movement in their lives. He also speaks Spanish and loves all things F.C. Barcelona, his favourite sports team. He is also a self-proclaimed Master Chef, however, there are doubts within his family if it's a satisfactory title. (He disagrees)
Melinda, ՚74 BPE, ՚03 MEd

Ask Melinda about:

  • Living and working in another country
  • Becoming a conscious ally to 2SLGBTQ persons
  • Counselling secondary school students
  • Suicide and mental health
  • Life-work transitions
  • Where to hike, snowshoe and cross country ski in and near Edmonton

Melinda grew up in Medicine Hat, a small city in southern Alberta, where she played every sport available to her. She moved to Edmonton to attend the U of A, graduating with a degree in physical education and was immediately hired by the Winnifred Stewart Association to teach 430 "mentally retarded" (the term used at the time) students ages three to 21 physical education. Eye opening? Yes! After that, she began a long and fabulous career as an educator, including roles as a department head, assistant principal, consultant and after earning an MEd, counsellor. Living and teaching in both Australia and Scotland widened her world view and initiated travel with students on both sports and educational trips to countries all over the world. Teaching at the university and immersing herself in mental health and social justice opportunities the past nine years, again expanded her world view. Practicing yoga, staying physically and mentally fit, while participating fully in her own life and that of her family and friends, continues to inspire curiosity and interest in others. Melinda is excited to have the opportunity to get to know you.

Meenakshi '17 BSc

Ask Meenakshi about:

  • Overcoming challenges and developing the skills you need to achieve your goals
  • Careers outside your field of study
  • Grief and loss
  • Developing and practicing good mental health habits
  • Volunteer work centered around community

Meenakshi is a U of A graduate with a Bachelor of Science, double major in biological sciences and psychology. In her final year of her undergraduate degree, a curiosity in management and finance led her to intern with a company and in turn accept a full-time position after graduation. Learning about finance, marketing and leadership in the role led her to transfer these skills to the banking industry. Meenakshi currently volunteers with Technology Alberta as a community manager. In her spare time, Meenakshi likes to spend quality time with family and friends, visiting local restaurants, reading, travelling and going on nature walks.

Michael, ՚86 BA, ՚94 Dip(Ed), ՚07 BEd

Ask Michael about:

  • French second language education
  • Living abroad
  • Alternative careers in the field of education
  • Where he would like to travel next

After many years of bouncing around and not knowing what he wanted to be when he grew up, Michael has fallen in love with supporting, promoting and advocating for French second language education. He has completed a BA in sociology/French, a Dip(Ed) in adult education and a BEd in elementary education. He has been a reserve military officer in the Canadian Forces since he was 18 and has also been a volunteer police-based victims advocate for more than 30 years.

Michele, ՚82 BSc(OT)

Ask Michele about:

  • Value of volunteering
  • Managing your way through adversity
  • If I could do it all over again would l make the same career choice
  • Why being a good listener is important
  • Life lessons I have learned

Michele graduated in 1982 with a bachelor of science in occupational therapy. She has spent 35+ years working with seniors who have health challenges. The joy of working with this population is the stories they share because of their varied experiences and life challenges they have lived through. Outside work, she enjoys reading, walking, exercising and visiting with friends and family (including furry friends with four legs and a wagging tail). She has two adult children who are out on their own. It is fun for her to watch them do all the things she once did for them: cooking, laundry and housekeeping. In the next few years, she is looking forward to spending less time getting paid to work and more time volunteering her time for things she is passionate about. Her aim in life is to work on making sure no one feels invisible, as every life matters!

Pauline, ՚92 BSc(Pharm)

Ask Pauline about:

  • A career in pharmacy
  • De-stressing with yoga and/or meditation
  • How essential oils can be helpful in so many things
  • Pickleball
  • The joys of volunteering
  • The importance of self-care

Pauline graduated from UAlberta in 1992 with a BSc(Pharm) and has spent her career in community practice. Trying to find balance between work, raising children and re-energizing herself has been challenging - never a dull moment in her life! She loves trying out different volunteer opportunities and wrangles family and friends to help out as well. She has recently taken pickleball lessons with her husband and finds it much more fun than tennis or badminton.

Pauline, ՚15 BA

Ask Pauline about:

  • Psychology
  • History
  • International travel
  • True crime podcasts
  • Being an international student

Pauline took a full decade to finish her Bachelor of Arts, talk about a long "gap year"! After trying various careers and countries, she returned to Edmonton to complete her degree in psychology, and discovered her passion for research. Pauline moved to the U.K. to complete her MSc in Developmental Science, and has come back to Edmonton to work for both the U of A and U of Calgary as a research coordinator for community initiatives. Specializing in mental health in emerging adults, Pauline plans to begin her PhD in 2022. Her interests include travel, cooking, dogs and all things true crime

Phil, ՚85 BSc(Spec)

Ask Phil about:

  • How "soft skills" can impact your career
  • Working in human resources
  • The importance of volunteerism
  • How he found his jobs through networking
  • Development of your career

Phillip graduated with a Bachelor of Science, specializing in psychology. Following graduation, he took courses as a special student, for more than 10 years, in areas that he could not fit into his undergrad program. It must be that he missed the tests, assignments, papers, etc. To round out his career learning, he completed studies in human resources management and addiction studies. His career has crossed numerous industries ranging from aviation services to utilities, and he has worked in both Canada and the U.S.A. Phillip is semi-retired but continues to be an avid volunteer, because he believes very strongly in giving back to his community. He has volunteered with his professional organization and not-for-profits in the human services sector in numerous governance roles.

Rohan, ՚19 BSc(CompE)

Ask Rohan about:

  • Great restaurants in Edmonton
  • Working in the technology sector (even as a non-technical individual)
  • Resume and interview tips
  • Excelling in academics
  • Finding your place in university and beyond

Rohan graduated from the Univeristy of Alberta with a bachelor of science in computer engineering (BSc Computer Engineering Co-op) in June 2019. Since then he has worked at big tech, startups, and hardware shops. He currently works at PCL Construction as a software developer. Born in Japan, raised in Kuwait (Middle East), ethnically from India and settled in Edmonton. His interests include family & friends, travelling the world, working out and all things tech.

Shenin, ՚21 BSc(NFS)

Ask Shenin about:

  • Her journey in Canada, transitioning from an international student to a permanent resident
  • South Asian dance forms (Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Bengali folk dance, etc.)
  • Navigating a long-distance marriage
  • Working outside your field of study
  • The importance of being involved in the campus and community

Shenin, a native of Bangladesh, graduated from the U of A with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, accompanied by Certificates in International Learning, Sustainability, and Global Citizenship. Inspired by her resilient mother and grandmother, who independently raised her and her brother, Shenin believes in volunteering as a personal way to support causes close to her heart. In her leisure, she enjoys reading, recording dance videos, and taking walks along the River Valley. 

Susan, ՚89 BA(Spec)

Ask Susan about:

  • Growing up on a farm
  • Learning to row a boat
  • Working in the public sector
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Being a parent with young adult children

Susan has always been interested in the roles and responsibilities of governments. After completing her Bachelor of Arts at the U of A, she worked in government, health services and non-profit organizations. Being a public servant provides rewarding opportunities for her to contribute to the community. Susan is curious about people and has grown increasingly interested in strengthening how people communicate and work together. In pursuit of understanding how to do this, she recently completed a Master of Arts in leadership at a BC university. The program used a blended delivery model that integrated online learning with on-campus residencies.

Tina, ՚05 BEd

Ask Tina about:

  • Building confidence and resiliency
  • Setting boundaries
  • Practicing self-care
  • Becoming an overzealous plant parent
  • Female empowerment

Tina graduated in 2005 with a B.Ed. (Elementary Education). After teaching K to 12 for several years, she slightly readjusted her career sails to post-secondary education and student advising. Fast-forward 13 years, she is leading student advising services at NAIT’s JR Shaw School of Business. As a passionate advocate for literacy, education, and mental health, Tina takes joy in being a meditative yogi, book nerd, plant parent, ok runner (ran her first 5KM race at 40 years old!), and ‘YES’ enthusiast (meaning she is committed to saying ‘yes’ to new life experiences including, but not limited to, glassblowing, axe throwing, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, archery, and pottery). She would love to discuss stepping outside of comfort zones, creating work/school/life balance, practicing self-care, building confidence and resiliency, and returning to post-secondary studies as a mature student.

Vicky, ՚23 BEd

Ask Vicky about:

  • Mindfulness in day-to-day life
  • Practicum experiences and thriving as a pre-service teacher
  • Job seeking and self-care after graduation
  • Social wellness as an introvert
  • Anxiety, ED, and all things mental health!
  • Books, indie music, and French language learning

Vicky graduated in 2023 with a degree in Elementary Education. As a recent grad, she is fresh in the student mindset and wants to continue engaging with the U of A community. In her time on campus, she was a dedicated volunteer with Week of Welcome and Unitea - anytime she can support mental health and social connection, she'll be there! Vicky loves mindfulness, reading (albeit slowly!), almond butter, and pilates. She would also love to practice French, play her clarinet, and draw fanart - but her progress on these goals is hit-and-miss. So many hobbies.

Wayne, ՚87 BEd(Ind Arts)

Ask Wayne about:

  • A Career in Education
  • Building decks and landscaping
  • Maintaining work/school balance
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Life lessons he has learned
  • Budgeting

Wayne graduated from the University of Alberta in 1987 with a B.Ed. specializing in Industrial Education. He then worked as a teacher and school administrator until 2020. He tried to retire but was asked to teach woodshop to Jr. High students 3 afternoons a week and is still doing that now. He is married and has 3 children. His wife is also a retired teacher and two of his children are U of A grads and the third soon will be. Wayne enjoys outdoor pursuits: camping, paddling, hiking, gardening and building things. When not able to get outside, he enjoys reading, movies and meeting with friends. In the future, he hopes to travel a bit and volunteer his time.

Wenkai, ՚22 BA

Ask Wenkai about:

  • Cultural adaptation and intercultural communication
  • Creating video content for social media
  • Learning English
  • Study techniques and productivity tips

Wenkai Yuan grew up in Guangzhou, China, and moved to Canada as an 18-year-old international student who had just met the minimum ESL requirement for university admission. He spent one year studying in the English Language School and taking ESL courses. He dedicated another four years to earning his bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology. In addition to his academic journey, he has actively been involved in various institutes and non-profit organizations in both Canada and China. He is also an educational content creator on Chinese social media platforms such as Bilibili and Red. His goal is to become an educator and content creator who guides students from diverse cultural backgrounds to discover their own paths.

The impact of ASSET

*No report available for 2021-22 due to COVID-19 impacts.

Recognition for ASSET

ASSET was awarded the 2020 Prix d'Excellence Gold Medal from the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education for the Best Volunteer Initiative