Student Services

The Faculty of Arts is proud to support our students as they journey through their degree. We have many services available to ensure our students are properly equipped with the skills and resources to excel.  From career advising to academic support, our Student Services staff are an excellent point-of-contact for students needing assistance or guidance.

If you would like to speak with a Faculty of Arts Advisor, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Student Services (USS) Office. Or, if you're on campus, an Advisor would be happy to speak with you in person.

For a list of department undergraduate advisors, please click here: Department Advisors
*Department advisors can assist with specific program and course questions.

Do you know what else the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Services Office can do for you?
  • Request for Program Check
  • Declaration and/or Change of Major/Minor
  • Application for Letter of Permission (to apply courses to your Arts degree)
  • Extra to Degree
  • Course Overloads (See Forms Cabinet for printable form)
  • Processing of Course Withdrawals
  • Processing of Applications for Degree
  • Admissions Queries
  • Petitions
  • Grade Appeals/Academic Appeals