Undergraduate Courses

Students and instructors standing in front of the Research Station signAs an undergraduate campus, the Augustana Faculty is committed to promoting and supporting undergraduate learning and research from all universities. Through our research station, we seek to improve learning opportunities for undergraduate students and provide a space for professors to take their students out to the real world.

The station is a great place for single day trips, extended field courses, or independent research projects.


Augustana Courses

AUENV 334/ AUBIO 344 - Field Studies in Environmental Science and Ecology Course

The Field Studies in environmental Science and Ecology Course gives students the opportunity to engage in research projects that are relevant to ecology, parks, conservation biology, and natural resource management in the Cooking Lake Moraine in east-central Alberta.

As part of this 3-week course, students will develop field research skills as they design, plan, execute, and present their individualized projects. Fellow students will help in data collection. Topics will focus on birds, mammals, vegetation, water, parks, and related subjects.


AUBIO or AUENV 301/401 - Directed Studies

Students have the option to carry out their own research project within a topic of their choosing, and gain experience in research methodologies and processes. Past directed studies around Miquelon have examined mesocarnivores, Aboriginal history, owls, beavers, coyotes, great blue herons, and more.