Biological Sciences

Microarray and Proteomics Facility

Located in Rm 5-047 of the new Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) building the Microarray and Proteomics Facility (MAF) is a centralized facility which provides microarray and proteomics facilities to staff and students at the University of Alberta. As well, these facilities are available to users outside of the University community. The unit is operated on a cost recovery basis; further information on the fee structure for different users can be obtained by contacting the facility director. The MAF serves a wide range of faculty and graduate students at the University of Alberta. It is a teaching resource facility for graduate and undergraduate courses with tours of the facilities and lectures on the basics of Microarray and Proteomic techniques available. A variety of automated equipment for liquid handling, DNA preparation and 2-dimensional protein analysis is available for used by clients. Classes and training sessions on this equipment are currently conducted on an “as needed basis”, however regular short courses may be implemented in the future if demand increases. Please contact the facility director for further information. 

Facility Director

Anthony Cornish, PhD

Biological Sciences Microarray and Proteomics Facility

University of Alberta,

Edmonton, Alberta,

Phone: 780-492-1066

For information, or to make an appointment, email