Equipment Available in the MBSU

The following table lists the available equipment in the Molecular Biology Service Unit, as well as specs, fees (if applicable), and links to relevant reading material about the equipment. For more information about some of the equipment in the facility, visit the Documents & Manuals page.

Equipment Model Fee to use Manual
Sanger DNA Sequencer ABI 3730 Varies - see Services N/A

Next Generation DNA Sequencer

ABI Ion Torrent

Varies - see Services


Thermocycler Eppendorf Mastercycler 96 N/C Download (PDF, 516kb)
Thermocycler Eppendorf Mastercycler 384 N/C Download (PDF, 428kb)
SpeedVac Savant SC110A N/C N/A
Spectrophotometer NanoDrop ND-1000 N/C Download (PDF, 2.8/mb)
Plate Reader Molecular Devices ThermoMax N/C Download (PDF, 4.8mb)
Liquid Handeling Robot BioMek 3000 Varies - contact staff for information N/A

Liquid Handeling Robot

BioMek FX

Varies - contract staff for information


Computer Workstations Genotyping/Sequence Analysis N/C N/A
Incubator Jeio Tech IB-450M N/C Download (PDF, 1.6mb)
Shaking Incubator Inova 4000 N/C Download (PDF, 621kb)
Shaking Incubator Jeio Tech SI-600 (Cooled) N/C Download (PDF, 2.4mb)
Centrifuge Eppendorf 5810 N/C Download (PDF, 459kb)
Centrifuge Eppendorf 5415 N/C Download (PDF, 379kb)
Electroporator Bio Rad GenePulser II N/C
Use of Machines Details (PDF, 11kb)