Biological Sciences provides a number of services to not only the internal departmental community, but to the whole of campus as well as the public.

Learn more about our services and facilities as well as how to access them below.

Biogeochemical Analytical Service Lab (BASL)

The BASL Laboratory provides cost-effective chemical analytical services in environmental, ecological and medical disciplines for University researchers, government agencies and private sectors.


The Biotron consists of an aquatic facility, a greenhouse complex and a large controlled environment facility.


Computer lab facilities, teaching labs, centres for Biocomputing Instruction, and more. 

Library Resources

A number of library resources curated for Biological Sciences students and faculty.

Advanced Microscopy Facility (AMF)

The Microscopy Facility (MF) provides resources, equipment and services for: Sample Preparation for Light Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Histology, Light Microscopy: Bright-Field, DIC, Fluorescence, Paraffin Histology for Light Microscopy, Plastic Sectioning for Light Microscopy, and more.

Molecular Biology Facility (MBSU)

The Molecular Biology Service Unit (MBSU) is a central facility in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta, providing research support for a range of molecular biology techniques.