Grants and Awards Application Information

  • Applicant initiates a project on the Researcher Home Page. Please see and download the Guide to Researcher Home Page booklet. Page 4 provides instructions on how to complete the "Request for New Project". (Note: the instructions state that the "Create Proposal/Application/Project" button is at the bottom of the RHP -- it is now at the top of the RHP.) Completing this form will generate a RES number for your project. Once the form is complete, please print this cover page, sign it, and deliver it to the department.
  • Projects initiated on the Researcher Home Page must be submitted no later than 2 working days ahead of Faculty and RSO deadlines, or 7 working days ahead of the Agency deadline. The department provides minimal review of the proposal, primarily determining whether unauthorized departmental resources are being promised and that allowed overhead is included in the budget. Please note that the minimal review means that errors and discrepancies in budgets, missing sections of proposals, etc. will not be caught at the department level and may require that the applicant obtain a new round of signatures from the department and faculty if RSO requires it.
  • Faculty of Science (FOS) provides review. Once FOS signs, they notify the applicant.
  • Research Services Office (RSO) provides review and comments to applicant, and then either submits on the applicant's behalf or allows applicant to submit on their own behalf, depending upon the agency.