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Upcoming Training: Biological Sciences Safety Session - Late April/early May, 2018

Recommended for all new staff, graduate students and undergraduate project students. Prerequisite: WHMIS eModule certificate. Register here.

Updated Safety Information package available for download here. (DOCX, 323kb) 

WCB Reporting Process Modified:

The method for reporting injury that requires medical attention or results in lost time from work has changed. Check the WCB Reporting page for more information.

Latest newsletter from U of A Risk Management now online

Recommended viewing:

Know You Can Survive: Dealing with an Active Shooter Situation on Campus

Hazardous Waste Treatment

All Hazardous Waste is processed via Chematix, not through the regular waste stream. This includes radiological, chemical and biological materials. If in doubt, contact the Safety Officer before disposal.

For further information on chemical waste disposal; 

see the Waste Disposal page (section 5.2)