Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Biological Sciences offers more than 130 courses to undergraduate students. Interested students can pursue either an honors or specialization program within the department in three areas of concentration:

  • Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
  • Integrative Physiology
  • Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

In collaboration with other departments, we also offer honors and specialization programs in:

  • Immunology and Infection 
  • Paleontology 

In addition, general program students in the Faculty of Science may choose from our rich selection of courses to pursue a major or minor in Biological Sciences.

Consider one or more of the many facets of biology for serious study in your undergraduate years. Recent exciting discoveries across all branches of biology touch nearly every aspect of today's society. Career opportunities for graduates with a solid understanding of biology are numerous, highly varied, and constantly expanding. Biologists work in the laboratory, field, and classroom, and are employed by industry, government, and educational institutions. A degree in biology can open doors to a wide range of professional programs in the health industry.

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