What We Do

On this page, you will find more information about the services the MBSU offers, including DNA sequencing, online orders for oligonucleotides, microarray and proteomics services, and the retail bio bar.

Sanger DNA Sequencing Service

As budgets get tighter and research dollars need to be stretched further, the MBSU is pleased to announce a new Sanger DNA sequencing service and a reduced fee structure for all of our clients.

To use the new service and all of our sequencing services download our online submission form (XLS, 52kb) and submit the completed form to biombsu@ualberta.ca.

DNA Sequencing

 Important Notes:

  • Please be sure to supply your sample premixed with template and primer together in one tube at the designated concentrations (see requirements in this PDF). We do the rest!
  • Data files from samples received before 8 am will be available the following business day.
  • There are no "redo's" with this service. 

Full Service DNA Sequencing

Boutique sequencing is ideal for clients with little or no molecular biology experience. Or for those who need assistance troubleshooting difficult templates.

For full service sequencing, samples brought in before 11 am will be processed and loaded the same day. Results are available the next business day before noon. If the run is full the day you bring in your sample, it will be processed the next business day.

Illumina DNA Sequencing

The MBSU is proud to announce the availability of Illumina Sequencing Platforms in the Molecular Biology Service Unit.

The following platforms are available:


  • This platform is available to all users at a machine cost of $200 per run (not including reagent costs, which may be purchased on a cost recovery basis from the MBSU).
  • The MiSeq platform can generate between 540 Mbases and 15 Gbases depending on reagents used
  • For more detailed information on the MiSeq platform, visit the MiSeq overview page on Illumina.


  • This platform is available to all users at a machine cost of $500 per run (not including reagent costs, which may be purchased on a cost recovery basis from the MBSU).
  • The NextSeq platform can generate between 16.25 and 120 Gbases depending on reagents used.
  • For more detailed information on the NextSeq platform, visit the NextSeq overview page on Illumina.

For more information on the cost of reagents for a particular run, details on Library construction, and procedures for accessing the new platforms, please contact:

Corey Davis at cordavis@ualberta.ca or Sophie Dang at sophied@ualberta.ca.

Order Oligonucleotides Online with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

The Molecular Biology Service Unit (MBSU) offers University of Alberta clients the ability to order oligonucleotides online through our DNA synthesis partner, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT).

Please contact the Site Administrator, Troy Locke (tlocke@ualberta.ca) if you require help setting up your account.

To order oligonucleotides:

  • Visit the MBSU's portal site at IDT where you may order oligonucleotides online.
  • If you do not have an existing IDT account, you will need to create one. Please note: When setting up your user profile, do not attempt to change Shipping and Billing information. All IDT products ship to the MBSU, and as the Portal Administrator, we handle ALL billing via the University of Alberta Peoplesoft system
  • You will need to enter a valid University of Alberta speed code for the payment of your order, or Non-University clients will type INVOICE. Pricing information is available at the portal site.
  • Our site administrator, Troy Locke, will contact you when your order arrives and is ready to be picked up.
  • Once your oligonucleotides are synthesized and shipped, quality control information will be available through your user profile on the portal site. This includes Mass Spectra on each oligo synthesized.

For more information, contact the site administrator Troy Locke at tlocke@ualberta.ca or (780) 492-1066.

Microarray and Proteomics Facility

Located in room 5-047 of the new Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) building, the Microarray and Proteomics Facility (MAF) is a centralized facility that provides microarray and proteomics facilities to University of Alberta staff and students and users outside of the university community.

The MAF is a teaching resource facility for graduate and undergraduate courses, with tours of the facilities and lectures on the basics of Microarray and Proteomic techniques available, and a variety of automated equipment for liquid handling, DNA preparation, and 2-dimensional protein analysis is available for use by clients.

Classes and training sessions on this equipment are currently conducted on an "as needed basis". However, regular short courses may be implemented in the future if demand increases.

The unit is operated on a cost recovery basis. For more information on the fee structure for different users or to enquire about classes and training sessions, contact the facility director, Anthony Cornish.

Facility Director
Anthony Cornish, PhD
Biological Sciences Microarray and Proteomics Facility, University of Alberta
Phone: 780-492-1066
Email: acornish@ualberta.ca

Bio Bar

A retail bio bar is operated by the MBSU. The lab is stocked with standard offerings that are available for walk-in purchase. For information about ordering specialty items, contact the general MBSU email: biombsu@ualberta.ca.

Custom Bio Bar orders arrive within 3-5 business days. The MBSU will contact you for pick-up once your order has arrived.

We stock items from the following vendors: