Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce

The Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce (Baccalauréat bilingue en administration des affaires) program is a four year degree program, including one year of pre-professional studies. The BBCom degree program is a collaborative effort between Campus Saint-Jean and the Alberta School of Business. This program was the first of its kind in Canada, offering students the opportunity to obtain a fully bilingual Business degree in Canada's two official languages (French & English). The BBCom program provides students with a background in diverse areas of Business along with in-depth study of a specific area of interest through a choice of 16 majors Students also have the opportunity to learn in both English and French by registering in business courses, french languages courses and free electives offered at Campus St. Jean.

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Program Objectives

  • To respond to a need expressed by Francophone and Francophile students for French courses in a Business degree program in Alberta;
  • To prepare bilingual (French-English) graduates who will be competitive in a global economy;
  • To attract students from French-speaking Canada and other countries in the world where French is a major language.

Pre Professional Year (Year 1)

The Alberta School of Business does not accept students directly from high school. All applicants must complete one year of pre-professional studies at a recognized postsecondary institution. Initial admission is to Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ) where students will register in their pre-professional year and take all of their coursework in Year 1 in French at CSJ. If you have questions about admission to CSJ at the U of A, please consult Undergraduate Admissions and contact Campus St. Jean.Students are also able to enrol in their pre professional year at another recognized post secondary institutions, but students must complete their pre-professional course requirements in French.

First Year in Business (Year 2)

Acceptance to the BBCom program takes place in Year 2. In Year 2, students will take the required core courses in Business either through the Alberta School of Business or in French at Campus Saint-Jean where available. Students will also enrol in French language courses and free electives at Campus Saint-Jean.

Choosing your Major (Year 3)

In Years 3 and 4, students will continue in the Alberta School of Business for required courses in their major area of concentration. Students will select a major area of concentration from among the 16 majors offered in the Alberta School of Business and take courses in greater depth in their subject area of choice.

For more information on the Bilingual BCom program please visit the U of A calendar section: Bilingual BCom.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce graduates fluent in both of Canada's official language are many and varied. Having the opportunity to study commerce in both official languages opens numerous doors in various sectors and provides them with increased national flexibility. Students may have a particular advantage in government, large business or professional organizations with national or international presences or in any field relating to national or international accounting, business economics, business law, finance, or marketing.


For more information on the BBCom program, please consult the admission requirements for the program, program information sections and the U of A Calendar. If you have any questions, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office.