Master's Programs in China

The University of Alberta offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as well as a Master of Financial Management (MFM) program in both Shenzhen and Shanghai, China.

The MBA program spans all functional areas of management (accounting, finance, marketing, business economics, strategic management, and leadership). This program is designed for students who want to expand their business knowledge, transition to an entirely new line of work or industry, increase their capabilities as an effective leader, or found a company. The

MFM program is a specialized degree focusing primarily on the functional areas of finance and accounting, thus providing depth in these two areas. This program is designed to prepare professional accountants or other finance professionals who want to become financial managers and aspire to the roles of Controller, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer in for-profit private or public sector organizations.

Graduates of both the MBA and MFM programs will obtain their respective degrees from the University of Alberta and will enjoy membership in a global alumni network.