Full Time MBA

A Masters Degree in Business Administration represents a significant achievement and valuable credential for anyone seeking to advance their career with a focus on business issues. The UAlberta MBA program allows you the flexibility to pursue knowledge in a wide range of topics - from Finance to Marketing, International Business to Natural Resource Management within a specialization, a combined degree program or as a general program.

The Program

The UAlberta MBA is a 20-month full-time program. The program is unquestionably challenging, inspiring, focused, effective and "real world". Through a blend of lecture, case, and applied learning, UAlberta MBA graduates are equipped with current knowledge and pragmatic and sought-after skills.

Students complete a core curriculum that provides a thorough, integrated grounding in management essentials and round off their degree with elective courses. Through the elective courses, you are able to tailor your degree with a mix of courses best suited to your own interests, or complete one of our formal specializations.

MBA Capstone - Real World Experience

As part of our MBA capstone course (SMO 641: Business Strategy), you will work with an outside organization on a strategic issue they are facing. Your team will identify the issue and potential solutions, recommend a course of action, and develop an implementation plan for your client. This provides an opportunity to apply what you've learned in the UAlberta MBA in a real-world setting and gain experience during your studies.

Career Management

The UAlberta MBA equips students with the knowledge needed to function well in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment. With a required course in Career Management Skills, one-on-one coaching and career planning with the MBA Career Management Centre, and the opportunity to pursue a summer internship, you are well placed for success with the UAlberta MBA.