Bachelor of Commerce Degree Programs

The Alberta School of Business offers you a choice of degrees through the BCom program. The path you take, combined with the 11 majors to choose from, will not only shape your career but quite possibly the future of business in the province.

Bachelor of Commerce

The BCom degree is a 4 year program. You’ll get a background in a diverse range of business areas, along with in-depth study of your specific area of interest from the 11 majors offered. You’ll also be able to explore other faculties through program electives, earning you a well-rounded degree.

BCom Program

Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce

The Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce (Baccalauréat bilingue en administration des affaires) is a collaborative program between the Alberta School of Business and Campus Saint-Jean, the U of A’s French language faculty. The BBCom program was the first of its kind in Canada and provides a fully bilingual business degree in Canada’s two official languages, better preparing you to be competitive in a global economy.

Bilingual BCom

Bachelor of Commerce Cooperative Education

Test drive a potential career path and gain invaluable work experience through the Cooperative Education Program. The BCom Co-op degree program combines classroom learning with paid on-the-job learning, letting you put your academic knowledge into action with periods of relevant full-time work for a total of 12 months.

BCom Co-op Degree

Bachelor of Commerce Honors Degree

This program provides specialization in one of three areas – Accounting, Finance or Operations Management. Students will explore their chosen subject area in greater depth than the general BCom program, and a higher standard of performance is expected. Ideal for students interested in pursuing research-oriented graduate business studies or working in positions that call for higher-level business skills.

BCom Honors Degree

Bachelor of Commerce After Degree

Students who have completed a four year non-Business undergraduate (Bachelor) degree may add to their qualifications by acquiring Business skills through the Bachelor of Commerce After Degree program.

BCom After Degree