Part Time MBA

A Masters Degree in Business Administration represents a significant achievement and valuable credential for anyone seeking to advance their career. The Alberta MBA program allows you the flexibility to pursue knowledge in a wide range of topics - from Finance to Marketing, International Business to Energy within a specialization, a joint degree program or as a general program.

The Alberta MBA is a challenging and rigorous program that demands a significant investment of time and energy but pays dividends many times over in knowledge, understanding, skills, and strong friendships that last the length of the program and beyond. Designed to allow you to continue working while completing the MBA, students would typically complete the program within three-to-four years. However, you would have up to six years to complete the degree. The part-time program offers all of the benefits of the full-time program, but allows flexibility in the number of courses taken each term.

The curriculum is the same for that of the full-time MBA, with all students developing a foundation in key business fundamentals. Areas covered include: accounting, business strategy, economics, finance, management science, marketing, and organizational behaviour. You would then be able to tailor your program to best match your career aspirations with elective courses or pursue a specific specialization.

Evening Courses

Courses in the part-time program are offered during weekday evenings (Monday-Thursday). Classes run from 6 - 9 PM or 6:30 - 9:30 PM, one night per week over the Fall (September-December) and Winter (January-April) semesters. Most students will take two courses during both the Fall and Winter terms, although it is possible to speed up the program by taking more than two courses per term. Evening courses during the Spring (May-June) and Summer (July-August) terms run from 6 - 9 PM or 6:30 - 9:30 PM two nights a week.

One-Week Intensive Courses

In addition to evening courses, there are also one-week intensive courses offered during the Spring and Summer terms. These are full 3-credit courses that run during the day for an entire week. Without compromising the educational experience, the one-week intensive courses allow you to spend an entire week immersed in the subject at hand, while speeding up the completion of your MBA.