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Students can specialize in one of our many majors and minor in another business area, or in another faculty. Students are encouraged to pursue diversity in their degree program to gain a well-rounded education.

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Changing Your Major / Minor

You have the opportunity to change your Major and/or Minor three times a year:  during the month of September, January and April using the form linked below. Requests will be processed 3 weeks after form submission.  You will receive an email once your change has been completed.

Major/Minor Change Form


Students declaring an International Business Major must declare a minor, unless they are in the After Degree program. Other students may choose a minor if they wish, but are not required to do so.

Students may also choose to minor in a subject outside of business provided it is a minor open to all University of Alberta students and there is room within program requirements. If a minor outside of business is chosen, please refer to the calendar section of the faculty offering that minor for information on which courses must be completed.

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