School Strategic Plan (2019-2023)

Approved by Business Council on December 3, 2018.

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To develop and inspire entrepreneurial leaders from Alberta for the world.

  • We expect our people - faculty, staff, students and alumni - to be entrepreneurial in their thoughts and actions.
  • We expect our programs and activities to be innovative and impactful.
  • We expect our School to be a leader within the University of Alberta and a valuable connector to the business community and Alberta's economy.


Our fundamental mission is to excel and lead through research, teaching and learning, and external engagement.

  • Over the next five years, we will embed entrepreneurial thinking and innovation more explicitly into our programs and activities.
  • The School will focus on being an ecosystem of entrepreneurial thinkers who foster creativity, risk-taking, continuous improvement, leadership and an innovative spirit. We encourage our students, faculty, staff and alumni to take initiative and make a difference in the world.


Our community of faculty, staff, students and alumni share deeply held values that support the mission of our School, and align with those of the University.

The following values are fundamental to the Alberta School of Business:


Above all, we value excellence in research, and in teaching and learning that advances knowledge, enriches the learning experience, and is impactful on the economy.

Intellectual Integrity and Academic Freedom

We value intellectual integrity as the foundation of ethical conduct in research, teaching and learning, and engagement, as well as academic freedom and autonomy as fundamental to open inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge.


We value innovation and entrepreneurship in our classrooms, in our research, and in our day-to- day practice of problem solving.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We value equity, diversity and inclusion of opportunity across and among our people, departments, and disciplines.

Core Principles

The Alberta School of Business has four core principles that determine our priorities and will guide our actions for the next five years.

1. Research Excellence

Empower Alberta School of Business researchers to excel through a vibrant research environment that supports the creation and dissemination of knowledge with impact.

  • Increase the impact of our research output in world-class academic journals, bolstering the School's reputation.
  • Increase success in accessing external and sustainable funding for our research activities
  • Expand on the leadership and influence demonstrated by the School's scholars within their academic disciplines through editorships, awards, conference organization, and other leadership contributions.
  • Improve the quality and global competiveness of our PhD program as demonstrated through student recruitment and placement.
  • Recruit and retain excellent research faculty and provide them with a high-quality research environment.

Research priorities align with the U of A's Institutional Strategic Plan objectives 11, 12 and 13

2. Impactful Teaching and Learning

Create relevant and impactful teaching and learning opportunities that expand knowledge and inspire undergraduate and graduate student success.

  • Successfully integrate entrepreneurial thinking and learning across the School's curriculum and in co-curricular activities.
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement in our programs, both in content and in teaching methods and technology.
  • Improve student career preparation and career success through increased co-curricular learning, mentorship, and employer engagement.
  • Improve our use of technology to enhance teaching and learning and support the overall student experience.
  • Increase the breadth and impact of our educational offerings for non-business students at the University of Alberta.
  • Recruit and retain excellent teaching faculty and provide them with a high-quality teaching environment.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse, inclusive community of exceptional undergraduate and graduate students from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the world.
  • Develop a strategy to engage Indigenous students with the School in a thoughtful and purposeful manner.

Teaching & Learning priorities align with the U of A's Institutional Strategic Plan objectives 4, 7 and 8

3. Connected Alumni and Community Partners

Strengthen relationships with alumni, donors and the business community through Alberta School of Business events, communications, and partnerships.

  • Support entrepreneurship in Alberta through more engagement with entrepreneurship partners on and off campus.
  • Increase opportunities for alumni to become meaningfully engaged with the School's learning environment as guest speakers, mentors, sponsors and advocates.
  • Increase the translation and sharing of research to enhance our relevance and impact for employers, the business community, the not-for-profit sector, and government.
  • Provide more impactful lifelong learning opportunities through Executive Education.
  • Create opportunities to leverage the energy and commitment of alumni and community partners to increase fundraising success.

Alumni & Community priorities align with the U of A's Institutional Strategic Plan objectives 7, 11 and 16

4. Engaged Organizational Culture

Build and strengthen engagement and commitment among all members of the School community through a focus on our mission, vision, values and goals.

  • Support and enhance activities, initiatives, and traditions that bond, faculty, staff and students to the School.
  • Encourage and facilitate the communication and use of best practices for creating a collaborative and respectful environment for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Review, improve, and implement equity processes and procedures for recruiting and supporting faculty and staff to ensure a balanced academy, representative of women, visible minorities, sexual and gender minorities, Indigenous peoples, and people with disabilities.

Organizational Culture priorities align with the U of A's Institutional Strategic Plan objectives 2, 3, 5 and 21