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The Alberta School of Business aims to publish in journals generally known for their excellence and importance. Publishing in recognized top journals provides an important signal of quality that is useful in the evaluation of scholarly productivity. The following are publications by our faculty over the last five years in top management journals.



Accounting & Business Analytics

Rostami, B., Errico, F., & Lodi, A. (Forthcoming) A Convex Reformulation and an Outer Approximation for a Large Class of Binary Quadratic Programs. Operations Research.

Chuang, YT., Zargoush, M., Ghazalbash, S., Samiedaluie, S., Kuluski, K., & Guilcher, S. (Forthcoming) From Prediction to Decision: Optimizing Long-Term Care Placements Among Older Delayed Discharge Patients. Production and Operations Management.

Zhang, R., Samiedaluie, S., & Zhang, D. (Forthcoming) Product-based Approximate Linear Programs for Network Revenue Management. Operations Research.

Soltani, M., Batt, R. J., Bavafa, H., & Patterson, B. W. (Forthcoming) Does What Happens in the ED Stay in the ED? The Effects of Emergency Department Physician Workload on Post-ED Care Use. Manufactoring & Service Operations Management

Zhang, R., Hora, M., John, S., & Wier, H.A. (Forthcoming) Competition and slack: The role of tariffs on cost stickinessJournal of Operations Management.



Morck, R., Yeung, B., & Zhang, L. Y. (Forthcoming) Idiosyncrasy as a leading indicator. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Dyck, A., Lins, K. V., Roth, L., Towner, M., & Wagner, H. F. (Forthcoming) Renewable Governance: Good for the Environment? Journal of Accounting Research.


Marketing, Business Economics & Law

 Fatum, R., Hara, N., & Yamamoto, Y. (Forthcoming) Negative Interest Rate Policy and the Influence of Macroeconomic News on Yields. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.


Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Management

Ho, J.A., Bonaccio, S., Connelly, C.E., & Gellatly, I.R. (Forthcoming) Representative-negotiated i-deals for people with disabilities. Human Resource Management.

Hancock, J.A., Gellatly, I.R., & Walsh, M.M. (Forthcoming) Good, Bad, and Ugly Leadership Patterns: Implications for Work-related and Context-free OutcomesJournal of Management.

Lindebaum, D., Moser, C., Ashraf, M., & Glaser, V. L. (Forthcoming) Reading the Technological Society to Understand the Mechanization of Values and Its Ontological Consequences. Academy of Management Review

Omidvar, O., Safavi, M., & Glaser, V.L. (Forthcoming) Algorithmic Routines and Dynamic Inertia: How Organizations Avoid Adapting to Changes in the Environment. Journal of Management Studies

Jennings, J. E., Rahman, Z., & Dempsey, D. (Forthcoming) Challenging What We Think We Know: Theory and Evidence for Questioning Common Beliefs About the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurial ConfidenceEntrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Hannigan, T.R., Briggs, A.R., Valadao, R., Seidel, M.D., Jennings, P.D. (Forthcoming) A New Tool for Policymakers: Mapping Cultural Possibilities in an Emerging AI Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Research Policy.

Wright, A. L., Irving, G., Zafar, A., & Reay, T. (Forthcoming) The Role of Space and Place in Organisational and Institutional Change: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Journal of Management Studies.


Accounting & Business Analytics

Rastpour, A., Ingolfsson, A., & Sandikçi, B. (2022)  Algorithms for queueing systems with reneging and priorities modeled as quasi-birth-death processesINFORMS Journal on Computing, 34(3), 1693-1710.

Zheng, Y., Xie, Y., Lee, I., Dehghanian, A., & Serban, N. (2022). Parallel subgradient algorithm with block dual decomposition for large-scale optimization. European Journal of Operational Research, 299(1), 60-74.

Curry, S., Lee, I., Ma, S., & Serban, N. (2022) Global Sensitivity Analysis via a Statistical Tolerance Approach. European Journal of Operational Research, 296(1), 44-59. 

Rostami, B., Chitsaz, M., Arslan, O., Laporte, G., & Lodi, A. (2022). Single Allocation Hub Location with Heterogeneous Economies of ScaleOperations Research, 70(2), 766-785.

Grant, S., Rich, P. & Stecher J. (2022) Bayes and Jurwicz with Bernoulli. Journal of Economic Theory, 199.

Ji, Y., & Sun, C. (2022)  For Better or For Worse: Impacts of IoT Technology in e-Commerce ChannelProduction & Operations Management, 32(1), 1353-1371.



Teng, L., & Lu, R. (2022) Social Undermining as a Dark Side of Symbolic Awards: Evidence from a RD Design. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 173, 104184.

Hou, K., Hsu, P., Wang, S., Watanabe, A., & Xu, Y. (2022) Corporate R&D and Stock Returns: International Evidence. Journal of Financial and Qualitative Analysis, 57(4), 1377-1408. 


Marketing, Business Economics & Law

Lafreniere, K.C, Moore, S.G., & Fisher, R.J. (2022) The Power of Profanity: The Meaning and Impact of Swearwords in Word-of-MouthJournal of Marketing Research, 59(5), 883–907.

Deng, Q., & Messinger, P.R. (2022) Dimensions of brand-extension fit. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39(3), 764-787.


Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Management

Taeuscher, K., Zhao, E.Y., & Lounsbury, M. (2022) Categories and narratives as sources of distinctiveness: Cultural entrepreneurship within and across categories. Strategic Management Journal, 43(10), 2101-2143.

Cohen, L. E., & Mahabadi, S. (2022) In the Midst of Hiring: Pathways of Anticipated and Accidental Job Evolution During Hiring. Organization Science, 33(5), 1938-1963.

Kistruck, G.M., & Slade Shnatz, A. (2022) Research on Grand Challenges: Adopting an Abductive Experimentation Methodology. Organization Studies, 43(9), 1355–1378.


Dau, L.A., Mork, R., Yeung, B. Y. (2021) Business Groups and The Study of International Business: A Coasean Synthesis and Extension.  Journal of International Business Studies, 52(2), 161-211.

Charoenwong, B., Mork, R., Wiwattanakantang, Y. (2021) Bank of Japan Equity Purchases: The (Non-)Effects of Extreme Quantitative EasingReview of Finance, 25(3), 713-743.

Bennedsen, M, Mehrotra, V., Shim, J., Wiwattanakantang, Y. (2021) Dynastic Control without Ownership: Evidence from post-war JapanJournal of Financial Economics, 142(2), 831-843.

Fatum, R., Zhu, G., Hui, W. (2021) Do Oil Endowment and Productivity Matter for Accumulation of International Reserves? Journal of International Money and Finance, 117, 102536.

Wang, K. (2021) Is The Tone of Risk Disclosures in MD&As Relevant to Debt Markets? Evidence from The Pricing of Credit Default Swaps. Contemporary Accounting Research, 38(20), 1465-1501.

Qian, C., Crilly, D., Wang, K., & Wang, Z. (2021) Why Do Banks Favor Employee-friendly Firms? A Stakeholder-screening Perspective. Organization Science, 32(3), 605-624.

Chen, Y. & Reay, T. (2021) Responding to Imposed Job Redesign: The Evolving Dynamics of Work and Identity in Restructuring Professional Identity. Human Relations, 74(10), 1541-1571.

Faccio, M., Morck, R., & Yavuz, M.D. (2021). Business Groups and The Incorporation of Firm-specific Shocks into Stock Prices. Journal of Financial Economics, 139(3), 852-871.

Engeler, I. & Häubl, G. (2021). Miscalibration in Predicting One’s Performance: Disentangling Misplacement and Misestimation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 120(4), 940-955.

Steele, C. W. J. (2021). When Things Get Odd: Exploring The Interactional Choreography of Taken-for-grantednessAcademy of Management Review, 46(2), 341-361.

Wright, A.P., Meyer, A.D., Reay, T. (2021). Maintaining Places of Social Inclusion: Ebola and the Emergency Department. Administrative Science Quarterly, 66(1), 42-85.


Banerjee, S. (2020). Does competition improve analysts' forecast informativeness? Management Science, 67(5), 3219-3238.

Agarwal, S., Mikhed, V., & Scholnick, B. (2020). Peers' Income and Financial Distress: Evidence from Lottery Winners and Neighboring Bankruptcies. The Review of Financial Studies, 33(1), 433-472.

Argo, J.J., & Dahl, D.W. (2020). Social influence in the retail context: A contemporary review of the literature. Journal of Retailing, 96(1), 25-39.

Brigden, N. & Häubl G. (2020). Inaction Traps in Consumer Response to Product Malfunctions. Journal of Marketing Research, 57(2), 298-314.

Broschark, J.P., Block, E.S., Koppman, S. & Adjerid, I. (2020). Will we ever meet again? The relationship between inter-firm managerial migration and the circulation of client ties. Journal of Management Studies, 57(6), 1106-1142.

Cappellero, G., Tracey, P., & Greenwood, R. (2020). From Logic Acceptance to Logic Rejection: The Process of Destabilization in Hybrid Organizations. Organization Science, 31(2), 415-438.

Chreim, S., Langley, A., Reay, T., Comeau-Valle, M. & Huq, J.L. (2020). Constructing and Sustaining Counter-Institutional Identities. Academy of Management Journal, 63(3), 935-964.

Christensen, P.O., Frimor, H., & Sabac, F. (2020). Real incentive effects of soft information. Contemporary Accounting Research, 37(1), 514-541.

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Fatum, R., & Yetman, J. (2020). Accumulation of foreign currency reserves and risk-taking. Journal of International Money and Finance, 102, 102097.

Glaser, V.L., Krikorian-Atkinson, M., & Fiss, P.C. (2020). Goal-Based Categorization: Dynamic Classification in the Display Advertising Industry. Organization Studies, 41(7), 921-943.

Goodrick, E., Jarvis, L. & Reay, T. (2020). Preserving a professional institution: emotion in discursive institutional work. Journal of Management Studies, 57(4), 735-774.

Hughes, K. D., & Silver, W. A. (2020). Beyond time-binds: Rethinking work-family dynamics for a mobile world. Human Relations, 73(7), 924-952.

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