Featured Research

The Alberta School of Business aims to publish in journals generally known for their excellence and importance. Publishing in recognized top journals provides an important signal of quality that is useful in the evaluation of scholarly productivity. The following are publications by our faculty over the last five years in top management journals.


Banerjee, S. Does competition improve analysts' forecast informativeness? Management Science.

Cappellero, G., Tracey, P., & Greenwood, R. From Logic Acceptance to Logic Rejection: The Process of Destabilization in Hybrid Organizations. Organization Science.

Castelo, N., Bos, M.W. & Lehmann, D.R. Consumer adoption of algorithms that blur the line between human and machine. Journal of Marketing Research.

Chen, Y. & Reay, T. Responding to Imposed Job Redesign: The evolving Dynamics of Work and Identity in Restructuring Professional Identity. Human Relations. 

Engeler, I. & Häubl, G. Miscalibration in Predicting One’s Performance: Disentangling Misplacement and Misestimation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Faccio, M., Morck, R., & Yavuz, M.D., Business groups and the incorporation of firm-specific shocks into stock prices. Journal of Financial Economics

Gehman J. Book Review: Taking the Floor: Models, Morals, and Management in a Wall Street Trading RoomOrganization Studies.

Haruvy, E., Popkowski Leszczyc, P., Allenby, G., Belk, R., Eckel, C., & Fisher, R., Xin Li, S., List, J.A., Ma, Y., & Wang, Y. Fundraising design: key issues, unifying framework, and open puzzlesMarketing Letters.

Phung, K., Buchanan, S., Toubiana, M., Ruebottom, T., & Turchick-Hakak, L. When stigma doesn't transfer: Stigma deflection and occupational stratification in the sharing economy. Journal of Management Studies.

Qian, C., Crilly, D., Wang, K., & Wang, Z. Why do banks favor employee-friendly firms? A stakeholder-screening perspective. Organization Science.

Raynard, M., Kodeih, F., & Greenwood, R. Proudly elitist and undemocratic? The distributed maintenance of contested practices. Organization Studies.

Ruebottom, T. & Toubiana, M. Constraints and Opportunities of Stigma: Entrepreneurial Emancipation in the Sex Industry. Academy of Management Journal.

Steele, C. W. J. When things get odd: Exploring the interactional choreography of taken-for-grantednessAcademy of Management Review.

Wang, K. Is the tone of risk disclosures in MD&As relevant to debt markets? Evidence from the pricing of credit default swaps. Contemporary Accounting Research.

Wright, A.P., Meyer, A.D., Reay, T. Maintaining Places of Social Inclusion: Ebola and the Emergency Department. Administrative Science Quarterly.



Agarwal, S., Mikhed, V., & Scholnick, B. (2020). Peers' Income and Financial Distress: Evidence from Lottery Winners and Neighboring Bankruptcies. The Review of Financial Studies, 33(1), 433-472.

Argo, J.J., & Dahl, D.W. (2020). Social influence in the retail context: A contemporary review of the literature. Journal of Retailing, 96(1), 25-39.

Boskovic, B., & Leach, A. (2020). Leave it in the ground? Oil sands development under carbon pricing. Canadian Journal of Economics, 53(2).

Brigden, N. & Häubl G. (2020). Inaction Traps in Consumer Response to Product Malfunctions. Journal of Marketing Research, 57(2), 298-314.

Broschark, J.P., Block, E.S., Koppman, S. & Adjerid, I. (2020). Will we ever meet again? The relationship between inter-firm managerial migration and the circulation of client ties. Journal of Management Studies, 57(6), 1106-1142.

Chreim, S., Langley, A., Reay, T., Comeau-Valle, M. & Huq, J.L. (2020. Constructing and Sustaining Counter-Institutional Identities. Academy of Management Journal, 63(3), 935-964.

Christensen, P.O., Frimor, H., & Sabac, F. (2020). Real incentive effects of soft information. Contemporary Accounting Research, 37(1), 514-541.

Donkers, B., Dellaert, B.G.C., Waisman, R.M., & Häubl, G. (2020). Preference Dynamics in Sequential Consumer Choice with Defaults. Journal of Marketing Research, 57(6), 1096-1112.

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Glaser, V.L., Krikorian-Atkinson, M., & Fiss, P.C. (2020). Goal-Based Categorization: Dynamic Classification in the Display Advertising Industry. Organization Studies, 41(7), 921-943.

Goodrick, E., Jarvis, L. & Reay, T. (2020). Preserving a professional institution: emotion in discursive institutional work. Journal of Management Studies, 57(4), 735-774.

Hughes, K. D., & Silver, W. A. (2020). Beyond time-binds: Rethinking work-family dynamics for a mobile world. Human Relations, 73(7), 924-952.

Ingolfsson, A., Almehdawe, E., Pedram, A., & Tran, M. (2020). Comparison of fluid approximations for service systems with state-dependent service rates and return probabilities. European Journal of Operational Research, 283(2), 562-575.

Rastpour, A., Kolfal, B., & Ingolfsson, A. (2020). Modeling Yellow and Red Alert Durations for Ambulance Systems. Production & Operations Management, 29(8), 1972-1991.

Rothenberg, N. (2020). Auditor Reputation Concerns, Legal Liability, and Standards. The Accounting Review,95(3), 371-391.

Seidel, V.P., Hannigan, T.R., & Phillips, N.P. (2020). Rumor communities, social media, and forthcoming innovations: The shaping of technological frames in product market evolution. Academy of Management Review, 45(2), 304-324.

Sharma, P., Chrisman, J.J., Chua, J.H., & Steier, L.P. (2020). Family firm behavior from a psychological perspective. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 44(1), 3-19.

Slade Shantz, A., Kistruck, G.M., Pacheco, D.F., & Webb, J.W. (2020). How Formal and Informal Hierarchies Shape Conflict within Cooperatives: A Field Experiment in Ghana. Academy of Management Journal, 63(2), 503-529.

Soubliere, J., & Gehman, J. (2020). The Legitimacy Threshold Revisited: How Prior Successes and Failures Spill Over to Other Endeavors on Kickstarter. Academy of Management Journal, 63(2), 472-502.

Toubiana, M. (2020). Once in orange, always in orange? Identity paralysis and the enduring influence of institutional logics on identity. Academy of Management Journal, 63(6), 1739-1774.

Tonoyan, V., Strohmeyer, R., & Jennings, J.E. (2020). Gender Gaps in Perceived Start-up Ease: Implications of Sex-based Labor Market Segregation for Entrepreneurship across 22 European Countries. Administrative Science Quarterly, 65(1), 181-225.

Tsekouras, D., Dellaert, B.G.C., Donkers, B. & Haubl, G. (2020). Product set granularity and consumer response to recommendations. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 48(2), 186-202.

Walter, M., Hildebrand, C., Häubl, G. & Herrmann, A. (2020). Mixing It Up: Unsystematic Product Arrangements Promote the Choice of Unfamiliar Products. Journal of Marketing Research, 57(3), 509-536.

Zhang, J., Deephouse, D.L., van Gorp, D. & Ebbers, H. (2020). Individuals' Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Emerging Market Multinationals: Ethical Foundations and Construct Validation. Journal of Business Ethics.

Zhao, E.Y., Ishihara, M., & Jennings P.D. (2020). Strategic entrepreneurship's dynamic tensions: Converging (diverging) effects of experience and networks on market entry timing and entrant performance. Journal of Business Venturing, 35(2).


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