eHUB Entrepreneurship Centre

ehub-logo.pngAs the University of Alberta’s Entrepreneurship Centre, eHUB provides students with collaborative and interdisciplinary educational opportunities to enhance the entrepreneurial skills, capacities and impact of our youth, thus enabling Alberta’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems to grow and flourish.


About eHUB

Transformative. We believe that entrepreneurial skills and capacities enable our young people to become more creative, confident and compassionate leaders better able to take charge of their careers and have an impact on the world.

Impactful. The entrepreneurial mindset is valuable for those that want to create new high-impact ventures and engage in social innovation to address global challenges. This skill set makes young people more valuable as employees that can make change happen in all organizational settings—from large corporations and public agencies to startups and nonprofits.

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Interdisciplinary experiential opportunities

We are at the forefront of developing a rich, interdisciplinary and cross-faculty culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across the University of Alberta. With curricular and co-curricular experiential education and student development, we combine solid business fundamentals — through offerings like our undergraduate and graduate certificates in innovation and entrepreneurship — with a mentored learning environment and strong partnership networks. 

World-class research

Our scholarly excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation provides the core foundation for all our initiatives. Our research is world-renowned, and we are proud to support leading entrepreneurial scholarship through our collaboration in the prestigious West Coast Research Symposium with Stanford University, University of Oregon, University of Southern California and the University of Washington.

Community engagement 

Rural eHUB logo

We have many important community-focused initiatives. RURAL eHUB, a partnership with 4H and the Rural Alberta Development Fund, enhances access to University of Alberta entrepreneurial programs to enable innovation and entrepreneurship to blossom across the Province. 


We are also partnering with Edmonton Public Schools and YELL to develop entrepreneurial education in the High Schools; our initial pilot  is at Ross Sheppard High School in Winter 2022. We have many other partnerships, including with Start-Up Edmonton to connect our student entrepreneurs into the wider ecosystem to further advance new venture ideas they wish to launch. 

Our Academic Mentors are experts in their field, including: 
- Dr. Royston Greenwood
- C.R. (Bob) Hinings, BA, DHC
- Milo Wang

Dr. Royston Greenwood
Professor Emeritus
Department of Strategic Management and Organization
Alberta School of Business
Member, Royal Society of Canada
C.R. (Bob) Hinings, BA, DHC
Professor Emeritus
Department of Strategic Management and Organization
Alberta School of Business
Milo Wang
W. P. Carey Management and Entrepreneurship
Arizona State University


The eHUB Ideas Lab, located in HUB Mall, is a vibrant and collaborative experimental space for students across campus to explore entrepreneurship and innovation, and provides students with access to expertise, mentorship and partner networks.

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Our eHUB Ideas Labempowered by the Alberta School of Business, provides a safe, dynamic, and flexible space within HUB Mall. It is available for students from all faculties to explore and learn about entrepreneurship and innovation within a more interdisciplinary, guided, and collaborative environment. With a focus on experiential education, which provides a practical extension of the classroom, the eHUB Ideas Lab is a staffed, physical space in the University of Alberta's HUB mall where students have access to expertise, mentorship and partner networks as they create, develop, and launch new ideas, companies and social ventures.

Leveraging the University of Alberta's core research and teaching strengths in entrepreneurship and innovation with University-wide expertise in arts, business, sciences, engineering, medicine, agriculture, business and more, the eHUB Ideas Lab scales student initiatives across faculties, and translates them into new opportunities for Albertans. We have supported hundreds of cross-faculty, entrepreneurial student teams, helping them develop their ideas and raise money to support their ventures.

eHUB Creative, a partnership with the Faculty of Arts, expands our ideas lab programming by actively supporting the development of more creative and cultural forms of entrepreneurship. 

Supporting student clubs
eHUB supports several interdisciplinary student clubs:

eClub is an interdisciplinary student group that promotes entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial drive through peer-organized events, workshops, hackathons and more.

Enactus UAB is a group of diverse students who collaborate and address social issues and whose purpose is to create a better world through entrepreneurial action.

Future Creators is a non-profit group who inspires future innovators by providing youth with mentors, knowledge and resources to bring projects to life.

NXT-GEN is a student group that engages with Alberta high schools with their mission to enhance early entrepreneurship education and experiences.

Women in Leadership (WiL) is a student-led organization  designed to provide a safe space for women and their allies to share their experiences in leadership, by engaging in roundtable   discussions, speaker panels, and   workshops to develop leadership skills.  The group uses an inclusive definition of “women and “female” and welcomes transwomen, genderqueer women, and non-binary individuals.

VCPE & VCIC - eHUB is also home to the UAlberta Venture Capital & Private Equity (VCPE) Club, as well as the undergraduate and MBA Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) teams.