eHUB Research

The University of Alberta School of Business is recognized as a leader in research at the interface of entrepreneurship and organization & management theory. eHUB is one of five rotating sponsors of the West Coast Research Symposium (WCRS), co-organized with Stanford University, University of Southern California, University of Oregon and the University of Washington. The WCRS is one of the most prestigious, research-oriented technology entrepreneurship conferences in the world, regularly convening one hundred leading academics in innovation and entrepreneurship, including top global PhD candidates. Our engagement is a clear marker of stature in entrepreneurship research. In recent years, the WCRS has expanded to bridge research with leading entrepreneurship practice, including workshops with top practitioners like Steve Blank whose “lean entrepreneurship” is the most influential model used by startups today. Our research group is also #1 in Canada, and ranked 12th in the world in the 2022 TCU Global University Entrepreneurship Research Productivity Rankings.

Recent Publications of Interest: 

Hannigan, T. R., Briggs, A. R., Valadao, R., Seidel, M.-D. L., & Jennings, P. D. (2021). A new tool for policymakers: Mapping cultural possibilities in an emerging AI entrepreneurial ecosystem. Research Policy, 104315.

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Slade Shantz, A., Kistruck, G., & Zietsma, C. (2018). The opportunity not taken: Institutional barriers to entrepreneurial innovation and growth in contexts of poverty. Journal of Business Venturing, 33(4), 416-437.

Our scholarly group includes: