Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship



Make your degree distinctive and cultivate skills that enable you to turn ideas into action, setting you apart as a leader who can make change happen! 

The Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) will help you enhance your skills and capacity to make a difference in the world, by identifying and developing solutions to important problems and challenges. Well honed innovative and entrepreneurial skills provide a tangible personal, professional, and financial impact, both locally and globally. 

Check out this video by eHUB Director, Michael Lounsbury,

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  • Interdisciplinary, embedded certificate within participating undergraduate faculties
  • Enroll in any year of your undergraduate degree (see Requirements)
  • Credit for eligible courses enrolled in or already completed
  • No additional certificate fee applicable
  • Learn through project development and experiential learning
  • Professional development and mentoring
  • Networking and cross-faculty collaboration opportunities
  • Resume and career enhancement

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eHUB Ideas Lab

Interested in innovation and entrepreneurship activities and experiences outside of the classroom? The eHUB Ideas Lab, located in HUB Mall, is a vibrant, collaborative space for students from across campus to explore innovation & entrepreneurship, and provides students with access to expertise, mentorship, and partner networks.

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Students may enroll in this certificate in any year of their undergraduate degree, and at any time during the year. Eligible courses that you are taking, or have already completed for your major may count towards this certificate! This certificate enables you to enhance your innovation and entrepreneurial skills as a supplement to your current degree program. You are not only able to, but are encouraged to take courses from outside your own faculty.

For example, view this video on SEM 330: Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an excellent core course designed to provide you with pertinent foundational learning that would set you up for success! 

The certificate embraces project development and experiential learning as a key component, providing an opportunity to develop an integrative project that gets you out of the classroom, to identify and develop solutions to important real-world problems. You are encouraged to make your ideas actionable, whether they stem from a previous class or experiences outside the classroom.

For science and engineering students, this could mean transforming inventions into novel products. For those interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship, this could involve cultivating new solutions to problems such as climate change, food security, or poverty. For those in the arts, this could enable you to bring creative inspiration to life. The benefits of this Certificate, and the growth it fosters, have never been more relevant or significant!

Innovation and entrepreneurial skills provide the secret sauce that enhances anyone’s ability to bring about change in the world. The Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will enhance your resume, and enable you to develop, fine-tune, and display your unique skill set. Our alumni are everywhere, and all employers (e.g., in business, government, or the social sector) are looking for more creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial employees. Gain access to professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities that can kick start your career!

Hear from fellow students about their experiences with innovation and entrepreneurship in this video, created by Bachelor of Commerce student Samantha Gardner.

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The Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an embedded interdisciplinary certificate; you earn the certificate while completing your undergraduate degree in one of the participating faculties. You are also very strongly encouraged to take at least one core or elective course from a different faculty!

Participating Faculties

  • Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences
  • Arts
  • Augustana
  • Business
  • Education 
  • Engineering
  • Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation
  • Native Studies
  • Science


Twelve course credits are required to complete the certificate. Approved courses are available in all nine participating faculties, and most students may already have completed the elective requirements as part of their degree program. This means that most students may only need to take the core courses to complete the certificate! For more information, see the University Calendar.

  • 6 credits - Core Course (3 credits) + Final Required Course - SEM 331 Integrative Capstone in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • 6 credits — Elective Courses

Approved Course List

Students may enroll in this embedded certificate in any year of their undergraduate degree, and at any time during the year. As noted in the Requirements, students must complete a core course and two elective courses prior to registering for the Final Required Core Course - SEM 331: Integrative Capstone in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students must be registered for, or have completed, SEM 331 prior to university registration and graduation deadlines in order to have the certificate awarded during graduation. 

Students must be in good academic standing at the time they register for the certificate and maintain good academic standing as they pursue the certificate. Students must maintain the continuation GPA of their own program.

No more than half the course requirements for this certificate may overlap with the requirements of another certificate. No more than three of the 12 credits may be transfer credits from other postsecondary institutions. Students are very strongly encouraged to take at least one of the courses (core or elective) in the certificate outside of their home faculty.










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SEM 331 - Final Integrative Project CAPSTONE Course (REQUIRED core course)

In order to successfully achieve the CIE, you must complete the SEM 331 - Integrative Capstone in Innovation and Entrepreneurship course (3 Credits). Review the eligibility and steps required below to enroll into the course.

This course will give you the opportunity to develop novel ideas and implement entrepreneurship and innovation concepts. You will have access to professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities, as well as some incredible resources, facilities and incubators across campus!

Your project can be completed individually or as part of a team, and you choose the topic and format. Formats can include research posters, videos, podcasts and more. After you complete your project, there are a variety of presentation opportunities to choose from, including pitch competitions and innovation showcases.

Once you have completed all the required course prerequisites (9 Credits) - with one (1) core course, and two (2) elective courses from the list of eligible courses, you may enroll into the SEM 331 required final Capstone Project coursePlease contact your faculty academic advisors for any course planning and program requirement inquiries.

The SEM 331 course is currently scheduled for the Fall and Winter terms - starting in January 2023. All your course prerequisites should therefore be completed prior to that. 

  1. Contact the Alberta School of Business undergraduate office  at ugradbus@ualberta.ca informing them you plan to enroll into SEM 331, and request that this be enabled in the system.
  2. Once the academic advisors have reviewed your prerequisite course completion requirements, you will be entered as eligible to enroll into SEM 331. 
  3. Enroll yourself into the SEM 331 course per the usual Bear Tracks registration process to confirm your spot asap!

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