Alumni Business Directory

Your guide to businesses owned or operated by Alberta School of Business alumni. From construction, manufacturing and professional services to retail, restaurants, and recreation—you're sure to find your next favourite brew, shoe or company here!

Construction & Manufacturing

Businesses include home builders, manufacturers and more.

BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions Ltd.

BGE is a Clean Air company - making healthy buildings for better human health.

Established: 1968
Edmonton (HQ), Calgary, Vancouver, Prince George, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon, Winnipeg

Website: BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Bhurjee Industries Ltd.

Precision Manufacturing and CNC Machining.

Established: 1997
Edmonton, AB

Website: Bhurjee Industries

Builthink Consultants

Transforming the construction industry using innovative and technological practices to achieve the highest standards in health and safety, quality, project management, environmental sustainability and operational excellence.

Established: 2018
Montreal, QC

Website: Builthink Consultants

Copperstone Technologies Ltd.

Copperstone makes field robots for the mining industry and other harsh locations, saving lives, dollars and the environment.

Established: 2014
Edmonton, AB

Website: Copperstone Technologies

Effect Home Builders Ltd.

Building refined, energy-efficient homes in Edmonton and area.

Established: 2001
Edmonton, AB

Website: Effect Home Builders

Insul Fibre Ltd.

Mechanical Insulation Contractor - Insulating Pipes, Ducts, and Tanks in Commercial, Institutional, and Lite-industrial facilities.

Established: 1965
Saskatoon, SK

Website: Insul Fibre

Lincolnberg Master Builder

Lincolnberg has been building quality homes and lasting relationships for 42+ years. Our focus is on building The Love Affair That Lasts for our customers. We are Edmonton’s leader in energy efficiency, income properties and affordable homeownership.

Established: 1978     

Edmonton, AB

Website: Lincolnberg Master Builder


Rotaflow designs, builds, retrofits and maintains Industrial Fire Protection Systems & Utilities across Western Canada. This includes standard NFPA13 systems (clean agent systems and fire pump installations) and annual or monthly inspections of fire alarm and protection systems. For over 25 years, we have delivered projects with excellence thanks to our skilled team, attention to detail, and well-designed processes. 

Established: 1994

Edmonton, AB

Website: Rotaflow

Food and Beverage

Businesses include restaurants, breweries, food manufacturers and more.

Afghan Chopan Kebabhouse

Afghani restaurant with big portions and large tables. Social gatherings and free parking. Rice, Kebabs, Lamb, and Tea. Downtown Edmonton, near Rogers Place.

Established: 2012
10756 101 Street, Edmonton, AB

Website: Afghan Chopan Kebabhouse

The Ashford House Pub

The Ashford House Pub is a contemporary family friendly Irish pub located in Manchester Square in Edmonton. A place where family and friends can gather to celebrate all events.

Established: 2021
Edmonton, AB

Website: The Ashford House Pub

Blindman Brewing

Blindman Brewing is a locally-minded, community-focused craft brewery. Proudly brewed in Lacombe, Alberta — We are Central Alberta's Craft Brewery.

Established: 2014

Bay F – 3413 53 Avenue
Lacombe, AB

Website: Blindman Brewing


Opening as a food trailer in 2008, Filistix became one of Edmonton’s first mobile kitchens and pioneer of the city’s food truck scene. Now with two locations in Edmonton, Alberta, Filistix's menu is a diverse crossover of Filipino and Southeast Asian cuisines celebrating the flavours, ingredients and culinary techniques of that region.

Established: 2008
Edmonton, AB

Website: Filistix

Frosted Shaved Ice

Frosted Shaved Ice is a locally owned and operated business offering high-quality shaved ice and snow cones.

Website: Frosted Shaved Ice

Hello Someday Wine

Hello Someday Wine was founded by Calgary entrepreneurs Jim and Jaime Love. Their dream is living the vineyard life and starting a winery someday. Taking a step towards that dream, they partnered with an award-winning Okanagan winemaker to make wine that they love. They know you will love it too!

Established: 2019
Calgary, AB
Also available in Edmonton, St. Albert and Airdrie

Website: Hello Someday Wine

Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings is a food company based in Edmonton, Alberta that makes dumplings. Creative, gourmet, local, Chinese-style dumplings to be exact. Inspired by truth and transparency, from the freezer aisle to the dinner table.

Website: Honest Dumplings


JustCook supports chefs and restaurateurs to open and scale their businesses by bringing the best and most exciting of Edmonton's food under one roof. JustCook opened 5th St Food Hall, its first location downtown, in October 2021.

Established: 2020
Edmonton, AB

Wesbite: JustCook

Meuwly’s Artisan Food Market

Meuwly’s 124th Street location carries over 100 locally-made food products that highlight Edmonton’s vibrant culinary scene.

Established: 2018
#101, 10706 124 Street, Edmonton, AB

Website: Meuwly’s

Rooster Kitchen / Polar Park Brewery

Rooster Kitchen is a full-service restaurant that specializes in brunch, burgers & brews using locally sourced products.

Established: 2017
10732 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB

Website: Rooster Kitchen

Seven Summits Snacks

Charge your next adventure with chocolate-based fuel. Crafted with purposeful nutrition targets to keep you going.

Established: 2019
Edmonton, AB

Website: Seven Summits Snacks

Token Bitters

Token Bitters are handcrafted artisanal aromatic bitters that add a layer of flavour complexity to cocktails, mocktails, coffee and more! A drop or two will elevate your bartending game to a whole new level.

Established: 2016
Edmonton, AB

Website: Token Bitters

Health and Wellness

blueBell Village

blueBell Village stands as a catalyst for change in dementia care, driven by our team's firsthand experiences. Our existence is defined by our vision of Restoring the Personhood and Independence of those living with Dementia™


Established: 2023
Edmonton, AB

Website: blueBell Village

ember Healthcare

ember Healthcare is a premier homecare provider with quality wrap around services to support clients and their families. We are one of a kind in our space with a profit share model for all staff which works to ensure consistency and quality of care.

Established: 2015
Edmonton, AB

Website: ember Healthcare

Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic

Patients receive medical aesthetic treatments resulting in healthy and natural-looking outcomes, from an experienced physician-led team. We help everyone be the best version of themself.

Established: 2009
Kelowna, BC

Website: Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic

Red Leaf Wellness

Red Leaf Wellness provides acupuncture, massage therapy and functional medicine services. We provide whole health, functional and alternative medicine strategies by blending the best of ancient Eastern healing and modern Western medicine.  

Established: 2015

Edmonton, AB 

Website: Red Leaf Wellness

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy 328

We are a community pharmacy that focus on your health and well being. We perform a variety of clinical services such as pharmacist prescribing, medication review, diet, travel and smoking cessation consultation.

Established: 2012
Edmonton, AB

Website: Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy-328

Professional Services

Businesses include insurance companies, consultants, agencies and more.


We Deliver You More Customers. Period.
Conversion Marketing, Visual Storytelling, Interactive Learning

Established: 2011
Edmonton, AB

Website: Amplomedia

ABC Parenting

ABC Parenting helps parents deepen their connection with themselves and their children and learn to navigate everyday parenting challenges they face.

Established: 2020
Calgary, AB

Website: ABC Parenting

Bartley & Dick Brand Communications

B&D is the creative agency for ambitious brand builders.

Established: 2000
New York, NY

Website: Bartley & Dick


Bluetrain is a digital marketing agency that uses a data-driven focus to continually improve online results. Bluetrain manages digital advertising, social media, SEO, and web analytics for clients across Canada and the US.

Established: 2007
Sherwood Park, Edmonton, AB/ Vancouver, BC

Website: Bluetrain

Bromwich+Smith Licensed Insolvency Trustees

At Bromwich+Smith we are more than just licensed insolvency trustees. We help people through some of the toughest, most emotionally challenging points in their lives. We give our clients the advice, attention and confidence to rebuild their worth piece by piece and look forward to a brighter future and financial wellness.

Established: 2002
Calgary, AB

Website: Bromwich+Smith

BUKSA Conferences & Associations

BUKSA is a Professional Conference Organizer that brings people together for impactful and 'wow' experiences - whether in-person or virtual.  We help forward-thinking organizations host conferences, virtual events, and AGMs that are custom to you.

Established: 1995
Edmonton, AB

Website: BUKSA

Coldwell Banker Venture Realty

One-stop shop for real estate services for both residential and commercial investment properties. Specialized in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Established: 2015
Edmonton, AB

Website: Coldwell Banker

Creating People Power Inc.

Established: 1984
Edmonton, AB

Website: Creating People Power

Drayden Insurance Ltd

Drayden Insurance is one of Canada’s largest independent, privately held brokers and has eight locations in and around the Edmonton area. We represent most major insurance companies selling auto, home, commercial insurance and Alberta Registry services.

Established: 1965

Edmonton, AB

Website: Drayden Insurance

EDGE Consulting Ltd.

Project Services, Marketing Development, and Lean Operations. It is time to find your EDGE and play to your strengths. Contact us today and let us find YOURS!

Established: 2016
Edmonton, AB

Website: EDGE Consulting Ltd.

Expert Training Solutions

Expert Training Solutions helps organizations to build highly effective online training programs for their employees, customers and volunteers.

Established: 2012
Edmonton, AB

Website: Expert Training Solutions

Flip Learning Inc.

Founded by two ASB alumnae, Flip Learning is a boutique organizational development consultancy focused on learning and change, using a human-centered method. 

Established: 2018
Edmonton, AB

Website: Flip Learning


FunnelAI is the most intelligent real-time customer search, discovery, and engagement software platform.

Established: 2017
Austin, TX

Website: FunnelAI

Gled Media

Works alongside business owners as their dedicated digital marketing specialist leveraging social media and other digital platforms to acquire new customers and exposure.

Established: 2014
Vancouver, BC / Edmonton, AB

Website: Gled Media

Grammatica Communications
Offers technical writing and editing services for business and academic writing. We offer student and non-profit-friendly pricing, aiming for equitable access to our services.
Services include: grant writing, visual report design, website copywriting, writing workshops, and more.


Established: 2019
Sherwood Park, AB

Website: Grammatica Communications

Lam Financial Planning / Designed Securities Ltd

We provide Investment Management, Securities Trading and Financial Planning Services. With over 9 years of experience in the finance industry, we strive to provide the best advice custom tailored to our clients.

Established: 2020
Edmonton, AB


Maven & Mention

Maven & Mention is a creative studio based in Calgary, Alberta, focused on content marketing strategy, social media and storytelling for community-minded brands. I work with brands and businesses that share a passion for what they do and are dedicated to making a difference in the community.

Established: 2016
Calgary, AB

Website: Maven and Mention

OOSys Canada Inc.

OOSys Canada Inc. is a Canadian solution and support provider offering efficient, easy-to-use web to print online ordering systems to businesses, organizations, educational institutions and franchises while helping them protect their branding.

Established: 2020

Sturgeon County, AB

Website: OOSys Canada Inc.

Organizational Excellence Specialists Inc.

Organizational Excellence Specialists Inc transfers knowledge on best management practices that are common to high performing organizations to professionals around the world. These professionals use a proprietary toolkit and work with organizations in their region to improve performance and this work ultimately contributes to the local economy, trade and resident quality of life.

Established: 2014
Courtenay, BC

Website: Organizational Excellence Specialists

Plant & Associates Appraisal Services Inc.

We specialize in Real Estate Valuations throughout the Peace River region of Alberta and BC. Our appraisers value residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties.

Established: 2006
Grande Prairie, AB

Website: Plant & Associates Appraisal Services


We Help Organizations Cut Through The Bull And Focus On What Matters In The Employee Experience.

Established: 2018
Vancouver, BC

Website: Playficient

Punchcard Systems

Punchcard creates digital products and platforms that will transform people, places, and communities, through software and mobile app development, platform integration, machine learning and AI tools, and digital workplace transformation.

Established: 2016
Edmonton, AB

Website: Punchcard Systems


RentWhiz Inc.

RentWhiz is a platform that allows post-secondary students to find affordable accommodation and the right roommate(s). RentWhiz uses its website, partner networks & social media channels to create a peer-to-peer network that connects students who are looking to rent private or shared accommodation, with students who are subletting, or landlords and property management companies.

Established: 2017
Edmonton, AB

Website: RentWhiz

Richmond Tymchuk Family Law LLP

Richmond Tymchuk Family Law LLP was founded by Diana J. Richmond and Laurie J. Tymchuk, two family lawyers in Calgary who saw the opportunity to provide their clients with a better experience while delivering desired outcomes in family law matters.

Established: 2019
Calgary, AB

Website: Richmond Tymchuk Family Law


Singchun is a digital design studio that crafts beautiful brands and builds engaging interactive experiences. We help people and companies bring ideas to life through clear, innovative, and creative design solutions.

Established: 2015

Edmonton, AB

Website: Singchun

Startup TNT

Startup TNT’s goal is to solve the angel gap in the startup fundraising process. We do this by building a community over weekly happy hours, providing companies a platform upon which they can distribute their pitch regularly, and then creating new investors and distributing capital through our semi-annual Investment Summit. Our goal is to distribute more than $1M in 2020, and grow from there.

Established: 2019

Edmonton/Calgary, AB

Website: Startup TNT 

Tenfold HR Solutions

We provide small to medium-sized companies access to a full HR department on an as-needed basis. We offer fully integrated 'on-site' support as well as project-based solutions.

Established: 2017
Edmonton, AB

Website: Tenfold HR Solutions

The Green Generation Company

The Green Generation Company exists to help end the stigma around Cannabis. We do that by connecting, consulting, educating and advocating for businesses that are in their early growth phases and align with our vision.

Established: 2019
Calgary, AB

The Next Level Entertainment Consulting Inc.

Sales, Marketing & Management Company with a focus on the Entertainment Industry - Artist Management, Booking Agency, Sponsorship Development and Event Production

Established: 2006
Edmonton, AB

Website: The Next Level Entertainment Consulting


Designed for modern businesses operating in today’s "subscription economy", TrueRev’s AI-enabled subscription management platform allows companies to manage sales orders, billing, revenue and subscription metrics on a single platform.

Established: 2017
San Carlos, California

Website: TrueRev

Urban Block Media

Urban Block Media is a web design agency, specializing in web development services and strategies for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as non-profit organizations. Our team works with you to find the best web development solutions to grow your business or organization, whether its building out your initial online presence or modernizing your current website.

Established: 2014
Ottawa, ON

Website: Urban Block Media

WindWord Group Publishing & Media

Business books, travel books, self-education books, fiction. Also, custom publishing and media consulting.

Established: 1997
Savannah, Georgia

Website: WindWord Group

Recreation & Experiences


Codo provides a fun space for your kids to play online, featuring camps and classes in Minecraft and Roblox! Your child will have the chance to collaborate with others, build confidence, increase their computer literacy and socialize with other players!

Established: 2020
Edmonton, AB

Website: Codo


Lakestyle is a company founded on a desire to help people fulfill their lake lifestyle dreams. By utilizing easy to maintain dock systems and accessories, people are able to spend less time working and more time having fun!

Established: 2016 
Calgary, AB

Website: Lakestyle

Laser City

Laser City is Edmonton's newest and best laser tag facility! But we're not just about laser tag - we also offer Mini Paintball (real paintball for ages 8-12), VR Escape Rooms and eSports!

Established: 2015
Edmonton/Calgary, AB

Website: Laser City

Music with Jennifer

Online music lessons for lifelong musicians! Inspiring, flexible and fun ways to make music a part of your everyday life. MYC, UMT, RCM, CC, and PopMatics offerings in piano and theory.

Established: 2016
Fort McMurray, AB

Website: Music with Jennifer


Businesses include clothing brands, beauty suppliers and more.


famjamjams specializes in matching apparel and accessories for pets and their owners.

This year, famjamjams has partnered with the University of Alberta on a unique custom Christmas sweater that will be available for sale through the University of Alberta Bookstore.

Established: 2019
Sherwood Park, AB

Website: famjamjams


GPMAKEUP The Beauty Haus is an affordable luxury Beauty Retailer and Salon founded by St. Albert-native Gretzie Parth. We’re known for our tried and true beauty products and professional beauty services. With our own in-house brands (#gclasslashes & MY SKIN) and unique product lines, we are committed to making your beauty routine easy, effective, and empowering.

Established: 2016
St. Albert, AB

Website: GPMAKEUP Inc

Kink & Coil

Kink & Coil is a natural hair brand dedicated to helping women of colour celebrate their kinks, coils, and curls. Our mission is to expand natural hair care by creating unique, innovative, affordable, and healthy products that are designed specifically with highly textured hair in mind.

Established: 2018
Toronto, ON

Website: Kink and Coil

KOY Gear

KOY Gear is a Canadian-based recreational travel-wear company, that specializes in creating premium clothing that delivers undeniable versatility and adaptability through the combination of thoughtful design, proven technologies and superior craftsmanship.

Established: 2018
Toronto, ON

Website: KOY Gear

Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley is a Canadian luxury brand that’s rethinking every step of the fashion industry—from design to factory relationships to the retail experience. They ethically craft polished, foundational footwear and chic, functional accessories.

Established: 2012
Edmonton & Calgary, AB

Website: Poppy Barley

Rad Steampunk

Rad Steampunk handmakes one-of-a-kind local products from partially recycled industrial components that complement any décor. From pet feeders, to drink dispensers, shelves and lamps, you're sure to find something unique for any occasion.

Established: 2021
Edmonton, AB

Website: Rad Steampunk

The Plant Project

100% Natural skincare and candles. Every purchase plants a tree.

Established: 2018
Toronto, ON

Website: The Plant Project


Businesses include collision repair, car sharing and more.

CSN Fort Saskatchewan

Collision Repair

Established: 1974
Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Website: CSN Fort Saskatchewan

Liberty Autoworx

Premium car detailing.

Edmonton, AB

Website: Liberty Autoworx

PeerRide Inc

PeerRide is Canada's first and only on-demand peer to peer car-sharing service. Instantly rent cars near you and pay only for what you use. As a vehicle owner, you can pay for your car by sharing it.

Established: 2020
Edmonton, AB


We offer a unique and new way to explore the city through Vespa rentals and city tours. Vespas are Italian 50CC motorcycles that only require a class 5 driving license to operate!

Established: 2019
Edmonton, AB

Website: VespaYEG

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