Business Competitions


Participation in business competitions is a great way to:

  • Apply classroom knowledge
  • Help your resume stand out from others
  • Challenge yourself
  • Compete against others in a fun environment
  • Travel the world

Our students have had great success with podium finishes in local, national and international case competitions. 

A case competition is a type of business competition that has been growing in popularity over the past few years.  A general overview about case competitions can be found at this Wikipedia page as it provides an overview of how case competitions work and are organized.

Below are the case competitions that we plan to participate in during the 2023-24 academic year.

Below are some of the internal competitions that are hosted by our student clubs (check with the individual club regarding dates and format)

  • SEM Club - What's Your PowerPoint, Negotiation Competition & House of Strategies
  • Alberta Internal Case Competition (AICC)
  • UAMA Mini Case Competition & Case Competition
  • Enactus Case Competition
  • UAHRMA Case Competition
  • BEA International Case Competition
  • BTM/ICA Case Competition
  • UAAC Case Competition

Business Plan/Entrepreneurship Competitions (check organizer website for deadline date)

For the below business challenges, please apply directly to the competition organizers

Contact Information