Exchange Opportunities

There are two routes for a Business student to take when going on exchange.

Route 1: School of Business International Exchange Program. Please consult their website for more information.

Route 2: The University of Alberta Education Abroad Program. Please consult their website for more information.

Eligibility Requirements for BCom students to participate in an exchange

In order to be considered for an exchange program, BCom students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete at least the first year of studies in the Alberta School of Business before going on exchange.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 on their most recent fall/winter terms. Permission may be granted based on fall terms grades averaging 3.0 and higher.
  • Note, only students who have been approved for their exchange are eligible to receive transfer credit, subject to program residency requirements, transfer credit request approval (see below) and successful completion of course work.

Exchange Process

Step A: Meet with a Business Undergraduate Office Academic Program Advisor to determine eligibility, transfer credit availability and academic implications.  If you are unable to meet with an advisor prior to any application deadline, apply and then request a meeting.  Alternately, please email us at

Step B: Decide upon which exchange program works best (route 1 or 2) and make an appointment to meet with a coordinator for that program.

Step C: Apply via the on-line application (route 1 or 2).  Transfer credit will not be granted unless permission has been obtained.

Route 1: Students going on exchange via the School of Business exchange program need to complete the School of Business online application.  Consult their website for information.

Route 2: Students going on exchange via the Education Abroad program need to complete that Education Abroad online application. Consult their website for information.

Step D: Submit a Transfer Credit Request Form (see guidelines below). This step should not be initiated until after the student has been accepted by the host institution and can see the courses they will have registration access to.

Transfer Credit Request Form Guidelines

To ensure that exchange courses will transfer back to the U of A, students need to email a completed transfer credit request form to the Undergraduate Office ( This form should be accompanied by separate PDF attachments of all the syllabi to be evaluated. This form should only be submitted after the student has been officially accepted by the host institution and can see what courses they will have registration access to.

  • List 2 or 3 more courses than you plan on taking. This will give you some alternatives and allow flexibility if a course is cancelled or if you change your mind about your original selections. For example, if you plan to take 15 credits worth on exchange then submit 21 credits for assessment. The maximum number of credits the Undergraduate Office will evaluate is 30 for a fall or winter term exchange.
  • ECTS credits are only applicable at European Institutions.
  • Review Course Catalogue to find a preferred U of A course equivalent.
  • Sign and date form.

Syllabi Guidelines

  • Attach all course syllabi as PDFs
    • Submitted syllabi should contain the following information:
      • Course name
      • Professor name
      • Number of hours the class meets per week per term
      • course description
      • Required materials (textbook, cases, course packs,)
      • Information on assignments, exams
      • Evaluation/Grading framework in the course (percentage of the total grade of each assignment, project, exam)
      • Course schedule or topics the instructor will cover
    • Syllabi must be submitted as individual PDF attachments (one PDF for each course).