Office of Education

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The Office of Education is dedicated to creating an exceptional educational experience that reflects the needs of our students and society. We work in partnership with our students, instructors and program offices to continuously improve what our students are learning and how they are learning it. We strive to create a place where students are equipped to be critical thinkers who lead with impact.

We focus on providing the following:

  • Dedicated resources for the Alberta School of Business instructors to enhance their teaching and learning practices.
  • Continuous improvement of the curriculum through mapping and measurement of program learning goals.
  • Committed to the success of all students, with specifically developed programs and activities including those for Indigenous students and others who are under-represented in business education.

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For Students

Enhance your experience as a student with the Office of Education by participating in the BUS Series of courses and accessing resources for Indigenous students.

For Instructors

Access resources and learn about supports offered by the Office of Education for enhancing teaching practices.

Instructor Spotlight

Celebrate our outstanding instructors who have been recognized for making distinguished teaching contributions at the Alberta School of Business.