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Did West Edmonton Mall’s opening 40 years ago change the downtown core? (Global)

It was 40 years ago this week that a relatively small city in northern Alberta saw the world’s largest shopping centre open its doors about 12 kilometres away from the downtown core.

West Edmonton Mall’s larger-than-life vision still attracts shoppers, stores 40 years after opening (Global)

Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of West Edmonton Mall opening its doors to the public.

45 Years of Being the Only Woman at the Table with Maria David-Evans (Dr. Nicole Byers Podcast)

Imagine working for 45 years in public service, 19 different jobs, and for every position you worked – you were the first (and sometimes only) woman.

U of A ranked among world’s top 100 in research performance

Strength in agricultural, environmental and engineering research shows in latest NTU rankings based on scientific publications.

Edmonton’s Ghalia Aamer, CEO at 19, to represent Canada at international competition (Global News)

Edmontonian Ghalia Aamer is the CEO of TalkMaze, a company that helps students connect with resources to improve their public speaking skills.

Global corporate tax rate highlights differences between feds, province (St. Albert Today)

“I think Canada and various other governments have wanted to tax Amazon in the same way that they tax Walmart, which is more of a physical brick-and-mortar store. I think that definitely was the initial motivation behind all of this,” Baloria said.

An Unforgettable Journey (YouAlberta)

An international student shares his experiences while travelling for the first time ever to attend in-person classes.

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough… Or Am I? (Research 2 Reality)

People often believe, falsely, that they'll underperform at a task. So, is it more about overestimating others or underestimating themselves?

Republican Counties Saw Baby Boom in 2016 After Trump Election (Bloomberg)

Mothers in Republican-leaning counties saw a baby boost over their Democratic counterparts after former President Donald Trump’s surprise 2016 victory.

The What, Why and How of Blended Learning (The Quad)

As we emerge from 16 months of remote teaching, Ed Developer Anita Parker dives into blending online and face-to-face courses.

Is Jason Kenney a socialist? (National Observer)

If you want to know why the federal Conservative Party is polling at generational lows right now, its instinctive reaction to government spending and support is a good place to start.

Why the Jasons Kenney of the past would thunder over Alberta's 'Bitumen Boondoggle' (CBC)

Premier's younger selves would have been shocked by $825M deal to buy private entities out of contract