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U of A professors weigh in on Supreme Court’s carbon pricing decision in expert panel (The Gateway)

University of Alberta professors explained how the decision affects Indigenous communities, Canada’s net-zero emissions goal, and future federal policies regarding climate change.

U of A group creates biodegradable products with local brewery (Global News)

A small group of entrepreneurial students at the University of Alberta are creating a plastic-less future.

Making Edmonton Digital aims to help businesses adapt to pandemic (Global News)

As businesses continue to be slammed with changes and restrictions through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Making Edmonton Digital initiative is hoping to help them adapt.

U of A program helps local businesses build up digital presence (CTV)

With many customers now looking online for all their shopping and service needs, a newly expanded program partnership with the City of Edmonton, University of Alberta, federal government, and local businesses is helping local companies make the digital dive.

'We don't have the data to support it': Alberta Hospitality Association disappointed with province reverting to Step 1 (Edmonton Journal)

The Alberta Hospitality Association is disappointed the province is reverting back to Step 1 of its public health restriction framework, arguing the decision is politically motivated.

Noah Castelo: Relating to robots (AI4Society Podcast)

How people respond to artificial intelligence depends on their perceptions of whether or not AI is to be trusted, the context in which they encounter AI and, in the case of robots, how the AI looks.

Foreign buyers show fresh interest as asset sales resume in Canadian energy sector (Financial Post)

'While 2020 was a challenging year for the energy sector, within every challenge there is an opportunity'

Workplace Burnout With Michelle Inness (What the Job? Podcast)

Lack of energy, inability to concentrate, chronic stress: the signs of workplace burnout are real and they are a problem.

Varcoe: What's in a name change? Plenty for Canada's drillers and cattle sector (Calgary Herald)

The fact both groups are open to name changes at the same time speaks to the significant forces sweeping across two bedrock industries in Western Canada: energy and agriculture.

Finding the roots of Albertan identity to envision new possible futures (University of Alberta - Sustainability)

“The identities of oil workers can be compatible with an environmentalist if we’re not constantly villainizing each other.”

Peace, Order and Good Carbon Taxes (Daveberta)

University of Alberta economist Andrew Leach joins the Daveberta Podcast for a rousing discussion about the Supreme Court of Canada’s big decision about the federal carbon tax, the politics of climate change in Canada, and what Alberta’s next oil boom might look like.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the carbon tax — here's what might happen next (CBC)

Federal minister discusses next steps on the latest episode of CBC's West of Centre podcast.