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Is Jason Kenney a socialist? (National Observer)

If you want to know why the federal Conservative Party is polling at generational lows right now, its instinctive reaction to government spending and support is a good place to start.

Why the Jasons Kenney of the past would thunder over Alberta's 'Bitumen Boondoggle' (CBC)

Premier's younger selves would have been shocked by $825M deal to buy private entities out of contract

Our current premier should be more upset: Economist on Alberta buying 50% stake in Sturgeon Refinery (Bloomberg)

Andrew Leach, associate professor with the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta, discusses his disappointment in Alberta's 50% stake in the Sturgeon bitumen refinery, which cost taxpayers $825M.

Study offers insight into why some people overestimate their abilities while others underestimate

Findings by U of A business professor could give leaders a tool to counter self-doubt.

Alberta takes 50% stake in troubled Sturgeon Refinery, as CNRL, North West Refining see combined $825-million payday (Financial Post)

Experts have repeatedly criticized refinery's tolling arrangement for saddling Alberta with unlimited risk and costs

Edmonton startup business creates eco-friendly menstrual pads (Edmonton Journal)

An Edmonton-based startup company is offering women an eco-friendly option when purchasing menstrual pads.

Earning two degrees in one helps grad turn passion for fashion into a dream career

As one of the first graduates of the U of A’s fashion business management program, Frances Heaton gained a deeper understanding of the industry and a strong professional network.

Innovator Spotlight: Madeline Toubiana (The Quad)

Madeline Toubiana investigates entrepreneurship’s role in social change.

U of A program encourages high schoolers to explore entrepreneurship (Global News)

U of A business professor Michael Lounsbury is working with Edmonton high schoolers to get them interested in entrepreneurship.

Keystone XL is dead, but oil sands are waking up (E&E News)

Climate activists celebrating the death of the Keystone XL pipeline might be in for a disappointment. While the high-profile project is not moving forward, the outlook for Canadian oil sands production is improving.

City announces e-commerce support for local small businesses (City of Leduc)

Starting today, Leduc business owners will have access to a new support program to help them establish or expand their online presence.

A Week of Big Blows for Big Oil (New York Times)

Two victories by environmental activists added to the uncertainty surrounding the industry and Canada’s oil sands.