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Canada’s oil dependence tests Trudeau’s green ambitions (Financial Times)

Ottawa does not see its pledge to slash emissions as a block to decades of new hydrocarbon growth.

How Uber drivers avoided — and contributed to — the fate of taxi drivers (The Conversation)

Countries around the world are wrestling with whether to classify Uber drivers and other gig economy workers as independent contractors or employees.

Alberta government lets the ‘turn-off-the-taps’ law expire (The Globe and Mail)

Canadian Retailer Peavey Expanding Brick-and-Mortar Store Base Amid Shifting Omnichannel Strategy (Retail Insider)

Adversity, disruption, and uncertainty. They are likely the three descriptors that will be most often employed in future to help identify the tenor of our current times, both here at home and around the world.

Minimum corporate tax rate would diminish Alberta advantage, expert says (St. Albert Today)

Calls to set a global minimum corporate tax rate could hurt Alberta's advantage as the lowest tax jurisdiction.

Berkshire Chooses Greg Abel as Warren Buffett’s Successor in CEO Role (Wall Street Journal)

The choice of Mr. Abel to eventually lead Berkshire Hathaway answers question that had hovered over the firm for decades.

Berkshire Hathaway's Greg Abel to Succeed Warren Buffett When He Retires (The Street)

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Greg Abel will succeed Warren Buffett as head of the investment conglomerate when the famed value investor retires.

Innovator Spotlight: Lazina Mckenzie (The Quad)

The manager of ThresholdImpact Venture Mentoring Service teaches us about the power of shower-thinking and team brainstorms.

Helping local businesses go digital opens opportunities for U of A business students

Students gain job skills while providing free support to hundreds of business owners looking to gain a foothold in the online marketplace.

What a made-in-Alberta carbon pricing plan could look like — and how it could impact the province (Edmonton Journal)

Alberta has to decide whether to stick with the federal carbon pricing backstop or implement its own plan. The former costs drivers more at the pump, but the latter would not necessarily have to.

Canada's not trailing the world on climate action, environment minister insists (CBC)

Other countries have made bolder commitments. Jonathan Wilkinson says Canada still measures up.

Another climate target for Canada, but what's the plan to get there? (Calgary Herald)

It’s good to have personal goals, like getting in shape after the holidays. It’s also important to have realistic objectives.