Centre for Cities and Communities

Great places are built on great ideas  that’s where you come in!

It’s no secret. The world is searching. For new ideas. New ways of doing things. New ways of being. The world requires visionaries, investors, knowledge-seekers and connectors to help create the places of tomorrow. That’s where you come in. The Centre for Cities and Communities (CCC) takes our accomplishments and our experiences — our fundamental foundation of learning — and uses this insight to set a new course for a more vibrant, more accepting, more responsible, more efficient and more livable world for all of us. Where creativity, sustainability and beauty coexist. This is where CCC was born. Of the idea that together we can create a vision of the future.


The Centre knows that great places are built on new ideas. Those ideas will be focused on three areas to make the biggest impact.


For more information on how you can support the Centre for Cities and Communities, contact:

Heather Thomson
Executive Director
Email: hathomso@ualberta.ca
Phone: 780-716-7970