Every year, the Centre organizes events designed to connect our students with industry leaders in the city-building sphere. Beyond fostering connections between students and professionals, these events shine a light on tangible career paths for students to explore after graduation, providing an excellent opportunity for enhanced learning outside the classroom.


Mocktail Mixer

Our Mocktail Mixer events feature distinguished leaders who play significant roles in our communities, sharing insights from their professional journeys and life experiences. These mixers offer students an intimate and candid perspective on the paths these leaders took to reach where they are today.


Reality of Real Estate and Retail

The Reality of Real Estate and Retail is an annual event designed to highlight the myriad of potential careers within the worlds of real estate and retail. The evening brings influential figures from these communities to engage with students and future leaders, inspiring attendees through an evening of interactive networking and presentations.


City Building Conference

In winter term, the Centre hosted our annual flagship event, City Building at the University of Alberta Conference. This large-scale gathering unites researchers and educators from across campus to discuss their work and fosters collaboration among experts in academia, the private sector, NGOs and local governments.