Accounting is the practice of gathering, analyzing, and communicating financial information, and is a crucial aspect of every business and organization.

The information provided by accounting is employed for effective organizational planning, decision making by management, and the accountability of organizations to investors, creditors, government agencies, tax authorities, employees, consumers, and others.

Not just techniques and practices

To adapt to ever-changing business and social needs, the major in Accounting goes beyond the mastery of techniques and practices, to include a study of their conceptual foundations, rationale, and limitations, and includes the examination of alternative accounting models.

This major will give you a significant insight into all aspects of financial information: how it is generated, how it is processed, and what it means. Whether you are interested in accounting specifically or financial management in general, an Accounting major will give you a strong understanding of "the numbers."

A solid background for a variety of disciplines

Accounting courses also provide a solid background for the study of finance, economics, computer science, operations management, management information systems, law, and related disciplines.

To pursue a career in accounting, you can follow your BCom degree with a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) certification.

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