Strategic Management and Organization

In today's business environment, it is crucial that those in management positions develop the analytical and interpersonal skills necessary to keep up with rapidly changing world.

The Strategic Management and Organization (SMO) major focuses on human-centric courses and topics, preparing you to work more effectively with people and within organizations.

You'll learn how effective managers think and act in a range of enterprises: public, not-for-profit, and for profit business enterprises. You'll develop the diagnostic skills to enable you to understand, analyze, and solve problems in organizations, as well as the opportunity to develop your leadership, social, and interpersonal skills.

Is an SMO major right for you?

If you see yourself in a management or leadership position in the future, this may be the major for you.

This program allows for freedom and flexibility in choosing your courses and customizing your BCom degree. Choose from courses in entrepreneurship and family business, human resource management, change management, professional service firms, cross-cultural management, working in groups and teams, understanding power and conflict, leadership, and much more.

The SMO major is good choice if you are interested in a future career in management, or in the growing field of management consultancy specializing in areas such as change management, business planning, or management training. As management is essential to the effective functioning of any organization, career opportunities are available in all sectors of the economy.

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