Bachelor of Commerce Degree

The Bachelor of Commerce is a four year degree program. The program provides students with a background in diverse areas of Business along with in-depth study of a specific area of interest through our 11 different majors.

Students are also able to explore disciplines offered in other University of Alberta faculties through program electives providing a well rounded degree. The BCom program provides students with a basis for self-learning through actual experience and the opportunity to develop comprehensive analytical skills.

Year 1

The Alberta School of Business accepts students directly from high school. All applicants must complete all of the Bachelor of Commerce admission requirements

Year 2

This year is very important for Business students; students take six primary core courses, two electives outside the Faculty and two additional electives. The primary core courses are designed to develop a foundation in business knowledge and to develop personal abilities regarding communication, interpersonal and technological skills. The primary core courses also provides a strong basis for selecting a major in the following year. Learning is enhanced through interaction with peers as the majority of students will take courses with a common cohort of peers. For more information on course sequences and categories, please visit U of A Calendar Section: Courses in the Faculty of Business.

Program Electives

Students complete many free electives during the program. In choosing electives, students can consider exploring disciplines of interest offered outside the Alberta School of Business. Students can design informal minors in disciplines outside Business or sample a variety of perspectives by taking courses from different disciplines.

Basic coursework in Year Two may be built on in Years Three and Four to deepen understanding of chosen elective areas. Please refer to U of A Calendar Section: Policy on Elective Courses for more information.

Choosing a Major: (Year 3)

The choice of a major area of concentration must be made by the beginning of Year Three. Students can choose from 11 majors available in the BCom program. A major area of concentration gives a student a degree of expertise within a particular field and is excellent preparation for various professional designations. Students have the option of seeking very specific specializations or they are able to select a more broader specialization that provides a broader knowledge of all basic functional area. We offer traditional business majors such as Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, etc, and more unique majors such as International Business, Operations Management and many more. Learn about the BCom majors.

For information on majors, course breakdown and career opportunities for specific majors please also visit the U of A Calendar Section: Majors in Business.


For more information on the BCom program, please consult the admission requirements for program, program information sections of the U of A Calendar. If you have any questions, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office.