Cooperative Education

The Alberta School of Business offers a cooperative education option for current students in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Cooperative education is an experiential learning program in which students alternate periods of study with periods of paid, discipline-related work experience in cooperating employer organizations.

All BCom students (including Study Permit students) are eligible to apply to the Co-op program after completing 24 credits towards their degree.

Program Length

Students in the Co-operative Education option will complete twelve months of work experience. This work experience will add on one semester/one year for completion of the degree program.

Careers and Work Integrated Learning

Students registered in the cooperative education program are provided with considerable assistance in the location of suitable work placements. The Careers and Work Integrated Learning Office is responsible for developing business related jobs and for preparing cooperative education students to conduct an active personal job search. However, the ultimate responsibility for obtaining suitable work term employment rests with the student.

Work Experience

All work terms will be approved by the Alberta School of Business, and progress on the work site will be monitored and evaluated by both the university and the work place supervisor. A Work Integrated Learning Officer will visit or telephone each student at least once during the course of the work term to obtain an accurate assessment of a student's duties, help the student evaluate his or her learning experience and, if necessary, assist in overcoming difficulties. For each work term completed, the student is required to prepare a report that is submitted to the Co-op program for evaluation.


For more information on the Cooperative Education program, please consult the Co-op program page.