Financial Investment


The Alberta MBA is an investment in your future. The Alberta MBA offers world class instruction, small class sizes and many opportunities for professional development with tuition that is well below other leading Canadian business schools. MBA graduates see a median increase of 61% in their pre-MBA salary immediately after the program The full-time MBA also allows students to complete a paid summer internship in between the 1st and 2nd years of the program.

Tuition and Fees

Domestic Students

Students are assessed both instructional and non-instructional fees each term. Instructional fees are course-based, while non-instructional fees are term based. For Canadian citizens and permanent residents the 2020/21 instructional fee is $1,344.16 per 3-credit course. Non-instructional fees are ~$1,800.00 / year.

Total Program Fees = ~$31,000*

International Students

Students are assessed instructional fees on a yearly basis and are also assessed non-instructional fees. The annual tuition amount is $28,281.60. Non-instructional fees are ~$1,800.00 / year.

Total Program Fees = ~$60,000*

In addition to instructional and non-instructional fees, you would be responsible for the cost of course materials and textbooks. Depending on your specific course selection, these costs can vary, but you should budget at least $2,000 for textbook and material fees over the program.

* Amounts given are based on taking 60-credits plus BUS 501/504. Figure is in Canadian dollars and subject to change

Living Expenses

The following estimate of monthly living expenses is just that, an estimate. Actual monthly living expense can vary greatly, especially based on your own personal preferences and tastes. For instance, shared accommodation would reduce your overall accommodation, utilities, food, and internet costs.

Cost of Living Estimate (Monthly)

Accommodation (single, non-shared)

$900 - $1,200


$200 - $300


$240 - $450

Internet & Mobile Phone







$1,640 - $2,160