Awards & Financial Aid

The Alberta MBA offers excellent value and a strong return on your financial investment. The Alberta MBA offers world-class instruction, smaller class sizes, and many opportunities for professional development with tuition that is well below other leading Canadian business schools.

Awards and Scholarships

The Alberta MBA program makes every effort to ensure that academically strong students and those in need receive financial support. Last year, over $1 million was available to MBA students in the form of entrance awards, scholarships, and bursaries. Every year, a majority of full-time students admitted to the MBA program receive some form of financial support.

Entrance Awards

All students admitted to the Alberta MBA are automatically considered for entrance awards. These awards are based upon the MBA admission criteria. We do not require separate applications to consider you for an entrance award. Entrance awards range in value up to $15,000.


Unlike entrance awards, scholarships are usually awarded to students during the MBA program. The exact criteria for each scholarship are different, but scholarships are typically designed to recognize excellence both academically and outside of the classroom. For any scholarships that require an application, we will solicit applications directly from students.

UAlberta MBA Scholarships
MBA Scholarship Committee


Financial support in the form of MBA Differential Bursaries are available to students. These bursaries are awarded based on residential status and demonstrated financial need. Bursaries are typically awarded to students entering the MBA program, with MBA-specific supplementary bursaries awarded during the program. In addition to bursaries provided through the School of Business, MBA students are eligible to apply for University-wide supplementary bursaries that are funded through private donors and the University of Alberta.

Supplementary bursaries for domestic students »

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Additional Funding Options

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven training program and will help employers develop workers to suit their needs and provide people with the jobs they need to succeed. Employers may qualify for a reimbursement of up to 2/3 of the direct cost of training to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Emergency Funding

Emergency Student Loans and GSA Emergency Bursaries are available to University of Alberta graduate students experiencing delays in funding or unexpected expenses and are having difficulty meeting essential living expenses.

International Students

International students who require financial support to attend the Alberta MBA program must arrange this support prior to their arrival. In most instances, only Canadian citizens or permanent residents (landed immigrants) at the date of application are eligible for Canadian government loans and for education loans from Canadian financial institutions. Outside of financing options from your home country, you may want to look at MPOWER Financing. They are able to offer loans up to $100,000 US for students to study abroad.

Student Line of Credit

In addition to federal and provincial student loans, you may want to look to help finance your studies through a student line of credit from a Canadian financial institution. A number of institutions offer lines of credit designed specifically for students pursuing a professional graduate degree. Some institutions/programs are listed below:

Teaching and Research Assistant Positions

Second-year MBA students are eligible for teaching assistant positions for first-year MBA core courses. Students interested in research assistant positions are encouraged to contact Alberta School of Business faculty members and research centres directly. These positions are not organized or arranged through the Alberta MBA.

Salary Increase: Alberta MBA Alumni report an average weighted salary of $92,370 US and an average salary increase of 95% 3 years after graduation (Financial Times 2015)

Value of Money: The Alberta MBA offers the best Value for Money in Canada for a 2-year MBA program (Financial Times 2015).