Admissions and Tuition

Admission Criteria

The following documents are assessed at the time of application:

Recognized Undergraduate Degree

Applicants should hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution with a minimum GPA of 80%, 4 out of 5, 3.0, or B. 

Professional Work Experience

Applicants should have a minimum of five years of full-time postgraduate work experience for the MBA and MFM programs.

Statement of Intent

A statement of intent, approximately one to two pages in length, must be included with your application. The statement should outline why you want to enter the program, what your career goals are, and why you are a strong candidate for the program.

Letters of Reference

Candidates are required to submit two letters of reference. These assist the School in evaluating the candidate's managerial, administrative, and academic skills. Supervisory references are preferred.

In addition to the requirements above, all applicants must be proficient in Mandarin.

Application Process

All applicants for our Master's Programs in China will go through the following application process:

Application Process
  1. Collect application documents
  2. A preliminary assessment conducted by partner institutions in China
  3. Submit application online
  4. Application Review
  5. Virtual interview
  6. Admission Decision made by Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR)

Tuition and Fees

MBA Shanghai - ¥268,000 (CNY)

MBA Shenzhen - ¥268,000 (CNY)

MFM Shanghai - ¥271,600 (CNY)

MFM Shenzhen - ¥269,600 (CNY)

Note: Tuition fees do not include the application administration fee (¥2000 yuan), online application fee ($135 CAD), reference materials, meals, and transportation expenses. The UofA portion of the tuition fee is paid through the Global Payments/Western Union. No scholarships are available for the China programs.

Application Deadlines

Admissions are completed on a rolling basis for all Master’s programs in China. The new cohorts usually start at the beginning of the Summer term and the Winter term every year. Due to the competitive nature of the programs, it is strongly advised to apply early!

We are currently recruiting for the following cohorts:

MBA Shanghai 6th Cohort - expected start date June 2023
MBA Shenzhen 7th Cohort - expected start date December 2023
MFM Shanghai 11th Cohort - expected start date July 2023
MFM Shenzhen 14th Cohort - expected start date December 2023