Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment

The Alberta MBA in Natural Resources Energy & Environment (NREE) is unique in Canada and only one of a few similar programs offered globally. Whether you are looking to enter or accelerate your career in the energy and resource sector, the NREE specialization will help you develop analytical skills, industry understanding, and communications experience to enable you to achieve your career goals.


Our NREE students tackle many business challenges, including:

  • How can firms plan for the uncertainty related to future climate change regulation?
  • How can financial instruments be used to mitigate price-risk in energy and resource markets?
  • How do you lever the opportunities created by electronic markets for energy futures?
  • How do environmental regulations affect optimal natural resource extraction strategies?
  • How should governments manage public resources in order to maximize the total benefit to society?

The Program

All Alberta MBA students first learn the fundamentals. NREE students also develop energy-related analytical expertise based on a broad understanding of the resource and energy industries from the exploration and project development phases, through extraction and transformation, to transportation, logistics marketing, and market issues. This allows students to address and analyze key strategic questions facing today's business leaders and policy makers. Throughout the program, the many links between resource and energy questions and environmental issues are highlighted, analyzed, and understood.

NREE Program Outline

Career Opportunities

NREE graduates work in both the public and private sector, throughout Alberta, Canada, and the World. Graduates work in managerial, consulting, analyst and other positions related to the energy and resource sectors. The placement rate for NREE grads is very high.

Study Tours and Trips

The NREE capstone course (BUEC 663) includes the option to participate in an international study tour. The tour provides students with the opportunity to learn about energy issues and business practices firsthand outside of Canada. Past destinations have included Brazil, Germany, Norway, Colombia, the United Kingdom, France, and Washington DC.

Guest Speakers and Conferences

The NREE MBA regularly hosts invited speakers from business, government, and academia. Students attend conferences and workshops to sharpen their insight and interact with key players in the business and policy areas.