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Workshop Presenter Application

Applying to Present a Workshop at Camp fYrefly in Alberta

Each year Camp fYrefly offers many workshops for campers to choose from. We are looking for individuals to volunteer with our Campers by leading morning, afternoon, or evening workshops during Camp, which address our themes and values. If you are interested in volunteering to present a workshop at Camp fYrefly, and you feel that you have personal or professional experiences that relate to our core themes, we encourage you, or your organization, to submit a Workshop Proposal.

Welcome to the first step in applying to join us at Camp fYrefly! 

Camp fYrefly for Southern Alberta: June 29th–July 2nd
Camp fYrefly for Northern Alberta:  July 18th– July 21st
Camp fYrefly Ontario: July 10 - July 14th
Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan: August 15 - August 18th

Applications are now open for Camp fYrefly Alberta North and South, Camp fYrefly Ontario and Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan. 

What Does it Mean to Present a Workshop at Camp fYrefly?

Camp is an educational, social, and personal learning retreat, focusing on developing tools, and empowering youth to explore identity and find community as well as create change in their own schools and communities. As a workshop presenter, you bring personal and/or professional experiences to Camp that help our participants develop these important skills.

Workshop presentations provide a whole range of content, whether it is queer identities, social justice, navigating systems, understanding oppression or building community. They are delivered through many different media - arts-based, presentation-style, storytelling, break-out groups, panels, etc. Workshops equip youth with tools for empowerment and change-making in their own communities and also address tools for coping and finding supports.

Workshops are presented by individuals, groups or organizations that have experience with and value LGBTQ2S+ youth, and are excited to share their content with the Camp community.

If you have questions about presenting a workshop or have suggestions as to which types of workshops you feel would fit into the Camp Program, please contact the Camp fYrefly Coordinator in Alberta, Ontario, or Saskatchewan.


Apply to Present a Workshop at Camp

You will be asked for the following information in your application. Please have this info ready to copy and paste into your application before starting.

  1. Presenter Bio: Tell us about yourself and why you are excited to facilitate a workshop at Camp fYrefly Alberta.
  2. List any past experience you have presenting and/or working with queer and trans communities:
  3. List themes (ex. coming out, identities, visual arts, queer history, activism and/or community organizing) that your workshop will explore:
  4. Please describe any content in your workshop that has the potential to overwhelm, upset or trigger people in your audience. How do you plan to support these participants?
  5. Describe your lesson plan, including the interactive and fun activities you plan to do. Feel free to use point form.
  6. Write a catchy, youth friendly, one-paragraph description of your workshop that will be shared with campers in our program booklet.

Camp fYrefly is committed to diversity and representation within our workshop content. We especially welcome applications from queer individuals of colour, two-spirit and/or Indigenous people, people with disabilities and trans-feminine people.

Before completing your application, please also have ready:

  • A catchy (youth friendly) title for your workshop.
  • Your Audio Visual needs, and any set-up/room needs.
  • Camp workshops are scheduled in morning, afternoon and evening blocks.
  • Please be ready to list any blocks where you know you are NOT available to present.

* When completing your application, DO NOT use the back button on your internet browser or the form will clear and your information lost. If you need to go to the previously page, use the “back” button on the form itself.

Applications Now Open! 

Please use the following links to access the applications. The deadline for Applications will be May 26, 2019.

Camp fYrefly Calgary (Southern Alberta) 
Deadline: CLOSED 

Camp fYrefly Edmonton (Northern Alberta) 
Deadline: CLOSED

Camp fYrefly Ontario 
Ontario Workshop Facilitator Application Form 
Deadline: OPEN 

Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan 
Saskatchewan Workshop Facilitator Application Form