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Internship and Work Experience Programs

Internship and Work Experience Programs

The Career Centre offers a number of internship and work experience programs, like this ALES Mini-Internship Program (AMIP) offers a unique opportunity for students to get first-hand learning experience on careers in agriculture, life, and environmental sciences.

Start your undergraduate research journey!

Start your undergraduate research journey!

Undergraduate research is a valuable hands-on learning opportunity that can support you in developing professional knowledge, skills and connections, regardless of your discipline or future career goals. Start your journey now!


Career Centre

Get help with the tools you need to land the right job, and build connections with a professional network of employers throughout Alberta.

Career Centre

Internships + Co-ops

At the Career Centre

Faculty Experiential Learning

Some faculty-led programs are open to all U of A students. Please review the eligibility requirements of the programs to learn more.

Find a Job

campusBRIDGE Job Postings

Connect with opportunities for current students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni through the career center.

SU Student Jobs

Work at the Students' Union while attending university or make a career out of it!

U of A Careers

Did you know that U of A is one of the largest employers in Alberta? Explore opportunities across our campuses.

Graduate Student Professional Development

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research offers various opportunities to gain the skills, knowledge, and mindset to achieve personal and professional goals.

Global Learning

Education Abroad

Reengage, reignite, reimagine, and rethink. Education Abroad is your gateway to the world.

Certificate in International Learning

Learn how to thrive in culturally diverse and global contexts by adding this credential to your U of A degree.

Global Learning without Travel

Connect to global learning...without the need to travel! U of A International has curated these opportunities to globalize your degree — no passport required.


Undergraduate Research Initiative

A question can take you anywhere! Wherever you plan to take your career, the chance to do research as an undergraduate will help get you there.

Undergraduate Research Initiative

Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Celebrate the research and creative achievements of talented undergraduate students across all disciplines.

Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Services at Augustana

Students at Augustana can connect with career services available locally on their campus.

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Services at Campus Saint-Jean

Students at Campus Saint-Jean can connect with career services available locally on their campus.

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Community Service-Learning

Connect to the local community and put your passion for social and political life into action while sharing your learning in the context within a university course. Programs are offered both on the North Campus and the Augustana Campus.

Peter Lougheed Leadership College

Build your skills as a leader! The Peter Lougheed Leadership College fosters leadership development through critical reflection, experiential learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement.

Peter Lougheed Leadership College