University of Alberta Prison Project

A SSHRC-funded collaboration studying dynamics related to incarceration in Western Canada. Co-PI’s Dr.s Sandra Bucerius and Kevin Haggerty, in collaboration with Drs. Harvey Krahn (University of Alberta) and Luca Berardi (McMaster University).
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Searching for Justice

A Killam funded study exploring experiences of invasive policing practices and police raids in Toronto’s inner-city. PI: Dr. Marta-Marika Urbanik. Collaborators: Drs. Scot Wortley (University of Toronto) and Carolyn Greene (Athabasca University).

Using Social Media in Gang Ethnography

A comparative methodological study examining the benefits and challenges of deploying social media in ethnographic studies with gang members, street hustlers, and rappers. Collaborators: Dr. Marta-Marika Urbanik, Dr. James Densley (Metropolitan State University), Dr. Robert Roks (Erasmus University Rotterdam), and Michelle Storrod (Rutgers).

The Effects of Supervised Injection Sites in Edmonton’s Inner City

A research program exploring how the opening of four Safe Consumption Sites in Edmonton’s Boyle Street and McCauley neighbourhoods as well as Calgary’s downtown core has affected the social fabric, perceptions of safety, and drug trafficking in both communities. PI: Dr. Marta-Marika Urbanik.

Fentanyl Risks for Police Officers

A project funded by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety to assess the occupational risks to police officers posed by new synthetic opiates. Co-PI’s: Drs. Sandra Bucerius and Kevin Haggerty. Collaborators: Dr. Harvey Krahn (University of Alberta) and Dr. Luca Berardi (McMaster University).

Women’s (Re) Integration Post-Incarceration

A study in the early stages of development, will engage women and frontline workers on the challenges facing women as they reintegrate post-incarceration. PI: Dr. Jana Grekul.

Failure to Detonate: Gender and Inchoate Suicide missions

A SSHRC-funded research project into global terrorism and the deployment of young women as suicide bombers. PI: Temitope Oriola. Coinvestigator: W. Andy Knight (Political Science, University of Alberta).

Neo-slavery: Gender inequality, criminality & irregular migration

A study of the gendered nature and criminogenic aspects of currents of irregular migration into Europe and North America. Co-PI: Dr. Temitope Oriola and Charles T. Adeyanju (University of Prince Edward Island).

The Dual Perspective: Unpacking Police-Citizen Arrest Encounters

A SSHRC-funded project examining the arrest interaction from the perspectives of both police officers and citizens. In a two-phased study involving interviews with freshly arrested individuals and frontline officers (across four cities in two provinces), the research will examine how people make sense of these encounters, explore the contributors to and affects of legal cynicism, and assess the needs of those with criminal justice contact to inform greater cooperation between the justice system and alternative social services. PI: Dr. Holly Campeau. Collaborator: Dr. Ron Levi (University of Toronto).

The View from the Top: Challenges and Innovations in Canadian Policing

A pilot project funded by the UofA Support for Advancement of Scholarship which investigates challenges and changes in policing from the vantage point of those leading police organizations across the Canadian landscape: in large cities, rural areas, and in Indigenous communities. The study also aims to shed light on current guiding principles around police legitimacy, evidence-based approaches, and reform strategies.PI: Dr. Holly Campeau. Collaborator: Inspector Dan Jones (Edmonton Police Service, Huddersfield University).

Right-wing Nationalism and the Canadian Far-right: A Method-ological Reorientation

This project is a methodological critique of dominant criminological and “countering-violent extremism” (CVE) research on the Canadian far-right. Contrasting these approaches, the project develops a critical social movement studies framework for studying this topic, examining Canada's right-wing nationalist movement through participant-observation at rallies and interviews with current leaders and members of nationalist groups. Interviews focus on members' personal beliefs and their experiences organizing politically. Other themes include how activists manage online pages and how right-wing nationalist groups negotiate unwanted labels by media and leftist groups. PI: Justin Tetrault