Call for Proposals 2023

The Intersecting Institutions of Criminal Justice and Injustice Partnership (IICJI)

Call for Proposals 2023

Emerging scholars (PhD, Post-Doc and Early-Career)

The Intersecting Institutions of Criminal Justice and Injustice Partnership is issuing a Call for Proposals (CFP) to doctoral, post-doctoral and early-career scholars. IICJI will make available up to $120,000.00 in this competition. Applicants will be entitled to use these funds for field research expenses related to their project. Funds may be used for travel related to field work, but may not be used for other kinds of travel (i.e. conference travel). As implied in the title of IICJI, support will be provided to projects that target the areas of justice and injustice specifically related to  (a) courts, (b) police (c) prison and (d) reintegration.

Partnerships Details:

The Intersecting Institutions of Criminal Justice and Injustice Project consists of a series of related empirical, theoretically informed, and policy-relevant research projects on the relationship between the criminal justice system and the marginalization of individuals from vulnerable communities in Canada. The research will focus on four criminal justice 'nodes' (policing, courts, prison, and reintegration) and study the dynamics internal to each node as they relate to processes of marginalization. The project aims to develop a holistic understanding of cross-organizational dynamics and forms of cumulative disadvantage in Canada's criminal justice system.

Funding Details

IICJI Studentships will be issued in $8,000 amounts to doctoral students, and $12,000 for post-doctoral researchers, and $15,000 for early-career scholars. The period of funding for this CFP will be July 1st, 2023 to February 28th, 2024. All funds must be exhausted by February 28th, 2024.

Expected Outcomes

Each recipient must complete at least one publishable journal article in an appropriate journal, which must be submitted to IICJI by December 31st, 2024. Each applicant must also submit a one page summary written in plain language addressing the following four areas: Research Question, Importance, Research Findings, and Implications for Policy and Practice.

Adjudication System and Expectations

Our adjudication committee will be comprised of members of the executive committee, and proposals will be evaluated on the basis of scholarly merit and potential importance of their project for policy and/or practice. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of the relevance of their research interests to the IICJI mandate, and the quality of the proposal and the feasibility of the project.

How to Apply

To be considered for funding, applications must be made on our form and must include one signed electronic copy. These must be received by email ( on May 31st, 2023 by 16:00 MST. In addition, all doctoral students and post-doctoral applicants must submit a signed one-page letter of support from their academic supervisor (confirming that the proposed budget is reasonable and related to the Applicant's thesis research or area of interest, and outlining why the Applicant should be considered for funding), and an electronic copy of an abbreviated CV as an attachment to their application. CV's longer than 4 pages will not be considered. Applications must also include a statement of how their project addresses questions of equity, diversity and inclusion. Proposals must be written in plain language and must clearly speak to both the scholarly merit and may also speak to the usefulness to policy and/or practice of the research proposed. Proposals can be in written English or French.

Additional information

Transfer of funds and IICJI spending rules are explained in our funding guidelines.

Where to send your proposal

All submissions should be sent electronically by 16:00 MST May 31st, 2023 to:

Jeffrey Brassard, IICJI Project Coordinator