Centres and Programs


The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies is a global leader in the field of Ukrainian studies. The institute is dedicated to the production, preservation, and dissemination of expert knowledge about Ukraine and Ukrainians in Canada and worldwide.

CIUS facilitates sustained scholarly engagement and cooperation between Canada and Ukraine, partner institutions, and researchers around the globe, as well as between diverse ethnic and cultural groups in Canada. Multidisciplinary in its work, CIUS integrates the humanities and social sciences in its scholarly agenda. CIUS has an exemplary record of community engagement and outreach. It has a large and loyal following among members of the Ukrainian community and the general public.

CIUS boasts innovative programming based on the value-added work performed by its full-time employees, affiliates, visiting fellows, and researchers. CIUS has over eighty endowment funds with an estimated market value of $34 million. The institute has also obtained over $6.5 million additional research project awards from several project sponsors across North America and Europe.

Contemporary Ukraine Studies Program
Holodomor Research and Education Consortium
Danylo Husar Struk Programme in Ukrainian Literature
The Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research
Ukrainian Language Education Centre
Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre