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Welcome to the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. Whether you have visited the CIUS site before or you are a newcomer, I trust you will find the information available here to be useful. I encourage you to take time to peruse the different sections of this site and learn more about our Institute’s research, scholarly developments, community events, publications, and funding opportunities.

As I write these words at the onset of the 2021-22 academic year while also reflecting on the past year, I am pleased to acknowledge our institute’s many accomplishments. The CIUS team lived and worked with aplomb through the challenging circumstances of both a pandemic and the University of Alberta’s still-ongoing restructuring. I am deeply thankful to all colleagues for their commitment to excellence in research and scholarship as evidenced by our output this past year -- our presentations, publications, and research partnerships. We came through these challenges a stronger and more united institution. Like many other teams living and working in the times of COVID-19, we acquired fresh skills, embraced new opportunities, and used lockdowns and quarantines as chances to look deeper inside of ourselves, reevaluating our priorities and seeking ways to optimize our operations.

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