Welcome to the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, an internationally recognized leader of Ukrainian studies outside of Ukraine and a research institute housed in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.

The arrival of 2022 has brought new developments in the world and into the life of our institute and its teams. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to unravel, the now-familiar restrictions to our face-to-face interactions and operations on the ground persist, and the new crisis in global security threatens the stability of world peace.

While we at CIUS continue to work on our planned and ongoing research and scholarly initiatives and projects, the global community is increasingly more concerned about Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and deteriorating relations with Russia in the context of the escalating geopolitical security crisis. With the Russian government having amassed an unprecedented military presence on Ukraine’s borders, threatening Ukrainian territorial integrity, so many of my colleagues at the institute have stepped up. As specialists in various spheres of Ukrainian studies, in the public domain they have offered analytical and long-term research–informed perspectives on Ukraine, its place in the growing conflict in Europe, Ukrainian-Russian relations, Ukrainian-Canadian relations, and geopolitical tensions in the region of NATO’s eastern flank.

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