A Message from the CIUS Director | Embracing 2020


As the new director of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS), I am pleased to convey my warm and sincere greetings to all friends and supporters of the institute. Whether you are in the vicinity or far away, a member of the Ukrainian community, a scholar interested in Ukrainian studies, or an aspiring student, I am thankful for your continued interest in and support of the institute’s many programs and activities.

My tenure as the CIUS director begins during a time that has been rather unsettling for all. The Covid-19 pandemic is still unravelling, keeping us physically distanced and grounded, away from our offices, colleagues, constituencies, audiences, and students. The pandemic aside, the University of Alberta has also been confronted with a severe reduction in government post-secondary funding, and is undergoing an unprecedented restructuring as it tackles the challenge of reducing operational costs. The political climate in the world, marked by various geopolitical challenges of relevance to Canada and Ukraine, also serves as a background to our activity. At this very moment many of us are paying close attention to developments in two countries—namely, the upcoming presidential elections in the United States and the aftermath of the presidential elections in Belarus.

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