Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre


Ukrainian Canadian studies has been one of three pillars of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies since its founding in 1976.


In 2007, what had previously been known as the Ukrainian Canadian Program was reconstituted and formally named the Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre (KUCSC). This was in recognition of two generous endowments from Drs. Peter and Doris Kule -- one endowment was created to support the study of Ukrainians in Canada, while the other was created for the study of Ukrainian diasporic communities throughout the world. To achieve its objectives, the KUCSC partners with institutions engaged in similar work in Canada, Ukraine, and internationally.


The mission of the Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre is to conduct, comission, coordinate, and compile scholarly research on Ukrainians in Canada. The centre seeks to document and analyze the broad Ukrainian Canadian experience and to share its findings with scholars, students, authors, filmmakers, and interested members of the general public.